This is how you improve audio quality with FxSound

Do you feel that you can't hear the full music quality even with expensive headphones and a high-quality streaming setting in Spotify or Deezer? This may have to do with cheap components in your PC or compression of the music files. Special software, such as FxSound, can compensate for the loss of quality from these factors.

Step 1: Power on

FxSound is audio enhancement software for your Windows computer. It optimizes the sound quality when you play music, listen to an audiobook, play games, enjoy an online streaming service or watch movies. During the installation, a driver is placed on the PC, which makes the sound that the system processes via this software sounds better. After installing from, open FxSound from the system tray with the left mouse button.

FxSound is a one-time $39.99, but you can use it for a seven-day trial. The tool is not cheap, but we are still impressed with the sound improvement when we press power click. Suddenly it sounds like we're in the studio. The bass is deeper, the voices are clearer, and even with mid-range headphones, we feel like we're enjoying top-quality sound.

Step 2: Preset

The tool works with presets. You can't discuss taste, but we love the setting Studio Quality. With the preset Volume Boost everything seems a bit more powerful. Vocal Boost makes the voice sound stronger and Dialog Boost yields profit when listening to audiobooks. You can also Bass Boost, Heavy Ambience, night club and choose just about any genre of music as a preset. If you have chosen a preset, you can infinitely adjust all kinds of effects such as: 3D Surround, Dynamic Boost or bass to arrange.

Step 3: Equalizer

Even on a cheap audio system, you can boost the audio quality through the software. FxSound also has an equalizer with which you can adjust the frequency range of the output sound. First select a preset and then adjust the quality via the sliders of the equalizer until you are completely satisfied. Have you adjusted so much that you are a bit lost, then you can with one click on the button Reset back to the default settings.

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