Always be able to find the nearest ATM!

Everyone has experienced it: no more cash in the wallet. But where is the nearest ATM now? Especially in a foreign city it is very useful if you have an iPhone with you. In combination with the ATM Hunter app, you'll have money in your pocket again!

ATM Hunter, which was developed on behalf of MasterCard, is a very handy app that also works anywhere in the world (note: an internet connection is required). When you launch the app, you have three options to search for the nearest ATM (ATM, which is short for 'Automated Teller Machine'): By current location, By address, and By Airport. Of course, the most useful option is to search By current location. With the GPS receiver built into the iPhone, you will find the nearest ATMs in no time.

The most convenient is of course to search on Current Location

It is neatly indicated per ATM what the distance is from the current position. Click on one of the results for detailed information, including the offering bank (useful if you have already made a guest transaction that day) and the exact address. Symbols indicate, among other things, whether the ATM is also suitable for the disabled and whether surcharges are levied when paying (which is especially useful abroad). Of course you can see the ATM on a map by clicking on the View Map button.


You can then have a route description calculated by clicking on the location. Google Maps will then be opened for this, which will ensure that ATM Hunter is closed. Finally, you can also share the details of the ATM you found via SMS by clicking the Share button in the overview screen at the top right, entering a phone number and clicking Send. Very useful for helping friends.

In short

ATM Hunter is typically one of those apps that you might not use much, but when you need it, you're so glad you have it on your iPhone! And last but not least: the app is free too!

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