Stream your own music with Subsonic

Streaming services are very useful, but have the disadvantage that the music is not really yours. With Subsonic you combine both worlds: you have access to your own music and can stream your music anywhere.

1 What is Subsonic?

Subsonic is a server application that mainly focuses on music. To get started with Subsonic, a special server or nas is recommended. You can also use Windows as a server for that or install it on Windows first to test. Subsonic has many music specific features. This is how it works with many media players, such as Winamp, iTunes, VLC and Windows Media Player. With the handy built-in transcoding engine you can convert lossy and lossless formats to MP3s while listening. If your playback device does not support flac files, you can at least listen to it in mp3 format. You need the Premium version for some of Subsonic's features.

2 Windows installation

Subsonic uses Java, which makes it run on almost any platform. Choose the platform you will be working with. For Windows, download the exe file and run it. If you do not have Java installed, a message will appear and you must install it first via a wizard. Back in the installation of subsonic click on Next / Install / Finish. You will see that Subsonic is active in the system tray at the bottom right. Right click on it and choose Open Subsonic in Browser to get started.

3 Docker

To set up Subsonic on your Synology NAS, go to Package Center and are you looking for docker. click on to install and after installation, open Docker from the menu. Go to Register and enter in the search box at the top mschuerig/debian-subsonic in. Click on the only result and choose To download. click on Start / Advanced Settings. Go to the tab Volume and click Add folder and select the folder containing your music. click on Selecting. Then fill in the path at Link path /var/music in. Then go to the tab Port Settings and click Automatically at Local port. Type 4040 there. Click OK and click Next / Apply. You can now visit Subsonic by clicking in the address bar //synology-ip-address:4040 to type.

4 Set Subsonic

When you start Subsonic for the first time, you have to log in with a username and password. Do that the first time with admin as username and password. Then click 1 Change administrator password, Finch Change password and type a new password. You will be logged out automatically after changing your password. Log in again. We are going to add folders to Subsonic so that your music can be indexed. Click on 2 Setup media folders. Type at Add media folder a name to identify the folder. Bee Flyer type the path of the folder. Copy that from Windows Explorer. click on Save to save your changes.

5 Use

Now that we've done the prep work, let's get started with Subsonic. On the home page called Home you can watch your music. You can see random numbers with random, view recently added music, and more. In the menu at the top you can Index go to your entire music collection, from A to Z. On the tab playing you have options to manage the current playlist. You can randomly play, rate, download songs to listen locally and even post comments here.

6 Internet radio

Conveniently, you can use the menu button on the left to internet radio and add radio stations from the Internet. If you search the internet, you can find the Shoutcast or Icecast link of many radio stations. That is the url of the radio station's stream, which you can then add here. After you add it, refresh the page and you can play the radio station in Subsonic.

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