Kodi - Ultimate media player for all your devices

Netflix and Popcorn Time are popular for watching movies. You would almost forget that there are more media centers. Kodi is a media center with many possibilities. You can watch countless streams with it and also play your own music, film and photo collections.





Windows Vista/7/8


raspberry pi




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There was once a time when we fiddled with Windows Media Center or some other system to play movies, music, and photos. Those days are really over thanks to Kodi. Those who have never heard of this program may know its old name: XBMC (Xbox Media Center). In the meantime, Kodi has really come of age and Xbox is no longer even supported. Also read: How to install Kodi on your Raspberry Pi. Also read: How to install Kodi on your Raspberry Pi.

raspberry pi

Kodi runs on many operating systems including Windows. There is a nicer way to enjoy this media center system. Kodi works great on a Raspberry Pi, so you can make a beautiful media center for a few bucks that you can stick behind your TV. In many cases, an extra keyboard is not even necessary and you can use the remote control of your TV via the HDMI signal.


Kodi's interface is made to operate on a large screen. Kodi is light and you can tell by the speed with which the program responds. Kodi is an all-rounder. In addition to watching movies, you can also listen to music, read news, and view photos and weather (and much more). Still, Kodi is especially interesting for your movies. It effortlessly plays Kodi from a NAS, USB sticks, hard drive, media server or any other source. Within a few seconds, even the correct subtitles are searched and displayed.

Kodi becomes especially powerful if you take a moment to set up the program to your liking. You can achieve this with add-ons. Add-ons ensure that, for example, you can view movie information via IMDB and subtitles are automatically downloaded and displayed. With the right add-ons, you can even watch 'less legal' video streams with it.


Absolute beginners will be able to operate Kodi without any problems, but setting up the right add-ons is a chore. Especially since you don't know which of the many add-ons you need to have or what else needs to be adjusted to get it working properly. Once set up, Kodi is an excellent media center system for both your own collections and streams on the web.

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