Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo - no 'splash' changed

Meanwhile, the Samsung's premium Galaxy series has already arrived at the S7, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo was still launched at the end of last year. A device that is attractively priced, but still has excellent specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Price: € 289,-

Operating system: Android 5.1 with Samsung TouchWiz

Display: 5.1 inch (1920x1080) Super Amoled

Camera: 16 megapixel (5 megapixel on the front of the device)

Processor: Exynos 7580

Random access memory: 2GB

Storage Memory: 16GB

Extendable memory: micro sd

Dimensions: 142mm x 72.5mm x 8.1mm

Weight: 145 grams

8 Score 80
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  • Image
  • Battery life
  • Performance
  • Waterproof
  • Negatives
  • design
  • Happens every now and then

No innovative design

The design is quite simple and is very similar to its bigger, older brother: the Galaxy S5. Yet it was only launched on the market a year and a half after the Galaxy S5. As a result, the modern design of the device remains somewhat behind, but it is not ugly. Also Read: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - Galaxy refined.

The Neo has not changed much compared to the S5.

The back is made of plastic and can also be removed. That remains ideal, because that means your SD card and SIM card are nicely concealed. You can also still access your battery, making it easy to replace if needed in the future.

On the gray border around the phone you will find the usual buttons and connections: the volume keys, lock button, headphone jack and the connection for the micro-USB cable. The buttons feel robust and the connections close well. At the front is the physical home button, which Samsung still uses to this day.

The whole feels sturdy and lies comfortably in the hand. This is also allowed, because the Neo is waterproof. That means you can take it with you in the shower or drop it in the toilet without any problems (admit it: everyone is afraid of that). The connections of the headphones and USB cable no longer even have to be closed. Despite that, it's just waterproof. Ideal right?

The screen is superb

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo has a full-HD display of 5.1 inches. That means a resolution of 1920x1080. This does not seem exciting, because nowadays many devices have that. The difference is that Samsung has chosen to place a so-called Super Amoled screen in it. This one is amazingly good: very bright, bright colors and very sharp. So it actually makes you happy when you start up your phone.

The glass of the display is Gorilla Glass 3. That should prevent many light scratches. Still, it is definitely worth buying a case or screen protector. This gives you much longer enjoyment of your device.

What a beautiful display the S5 Neo has on board!

Great performance despite TouchWiz

This Neo has two gigabytes of RAM on board. In addition, it is supported by a processor that is from Samsung itself. This has to deliver a little better performance than that of its older brother, the S5. It doesn't make much difference, by the way, so you wouldn't notice the differences.

Samsung devices run on their own Android shell: TouchWiz. This is a very heavy shell that puts a lot of strain on your phone. You notice that very occasionally with the S5 Neo. Sometimes he doesn't respond immediately. However, this is not disturbing, because he quickly picks it up again. Perhaps this problem will be solved as soon as the update to Android 6 is ready for the Neo, because at the moment it still runs on the older Android 5.1. The update seems to be coming, but you have to be patient. It is not yet clear how long that will be. So just wait with fingers crossed.

TouchWiz: cheerful and a lot better than before

In the past, many people were not happy with TouchWiz: it made the device slow, looked too kitschy and did not work well. Fortunately, Samsung took the feedback to heart and went to great lengths to optimize things. As a result, the whole thing now looks slick, but still looks cheerful. It also works easily and few unnecessary apps are included.

It is also possible to open two apps at the same time as a split-screen: one app on the top part and the other on the bottom part. Ideal for, for example, scheduling an appointment or copying contact details from the internet.

Furthermore, with the S5 Neo, Samsung also focuses on the health functionalities that you see on more and more devices. For example, it has a heart rate monitor that we also knew from the S5. It's not entirely accurate, but it's a nice gadget.

TouchWiz has improved a lot in recent times.

Impressive battery life

The battery life is surprisingly good, despite the heavy TouchWiz and the bright display, which normally also consumes a lot of energy. With intensive use you will get through the day just fine. So you no longer have to desperately look for a coffee shop with a socket at your table when you are out for a day.

Good camera, but back to basics

The camera is similar to that of its brother. So certainly not bad. Unfortunately, Samsung has shortened the functionalities somewhat, so that you can change few settings. With the Neo you have 16 megapixels on board and the photos are colorful and detailed.

At the front of the device is a five-megapixel selfie camera. This one takes great shots, but you shouldn't expect much from it. The photos are a bit blurry due to the automatic noise filter. You can therefore still shoot excellent selfies in a dark situation.

The camera does its job well, but you can change few settings.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is actually a surprisingly good device. It proves that Samsung can also bring an excellent mid-ranger to the market. You have the device for around three hundred euros and that is also cheaper than the regular S5, while you still take a step forward (even if this is only a small one). It is for the money just a great device where the screen and the battery life stand out.

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