Clear all your privacy data with Click and Clean

Privacy is a sensitive issue in these times of eavesdropping NSAs and cybercrime. The safest thing to do is of course to do as little as possible online, but in 2014 that is very bad advice. Less rigorous, but very effective, is the Click and Clean extension for Firefox.

Download Click and Clean

Click and Clean is an extension that allows you to clear your browser history, temporary files, downloaded files, cookies and much more at the touch of a button, in short, all the things that show what you've been up to in Firefox. The extension is also available for Google Chrome (it works almost the same), but in this article we discuss the Firefox version. To download the extension, surf to the extension's page and click Add to Firefox and then Install now. You must restart your browser after installation before you can use it.

The extension for both Firefox and Chrome is free.

Using Click and Clean

Once you have installed Click and Clean and restarted the browser, you will find the extension when you click the orange Firefox button in the top left and then click Add-ons and Options Bee Click&Clean. You will then see a window with all kinds of options. The top bar in this window appears to contain tabs, but don't be tempted to click on them, as they are simply links to the creators' Facebook and Twitter profiles (not Facebook and Twitter-related privacy settings). ).

The options are pretty obvious, the most important being that the data can be automatically erased when you close your browser. This is therefore the option that we recommend, because this way you don't have to click on a button yourself (with the risk of forgetting it). Also interesting is the option to automatically start a program when you close the browser, so that you can start other privacy-related software when you're done surfing, for example. It's going a bit far, but it's nice that it's possible. Do you want to immediately delete your privacy-sensitive data? Then click Clear now!

You can set the program to delete your data when you close your browser.

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