This is how you create your own fan page on Facebook

You can share things about yourself with friends and family on your Facebook profile. You may want to share things with people you don't know personally, but who are interested in your hobby, for example. In such cases you create a page. How? We will teach you that in this article.

01 What is a page?

For many people, the difference between a page and a profile on Facebook is sometimes not entirely clear. The main difference is the type of content you post. Suppose you have a page about your football association, then you place messages on it, for example, about matches, results and other association matters. They don't have to be interesting for friends and family at all. It works the same the other way around: you usually don't put photos of your children that you might post on your profile for friends and family. It is simply a different target group that you want to reach. Also read: How to create viral content in no time.

02 Page or group?

To make things a little more confusing, you can also create a Facebook group in addition to a Facebook profile and a Facebook page. The biggest difference between a page and a group is that a group is much more about communication. Everyone can (depending on the settings) post messages in the group and discussions quickly take shape (and also often very quickly get out of hand). If we had to compare, a Facebook page is a lot like a website, while a Facebook group is more like a chat room with a moderator.

03 Create page

To create a page, you need your own Facebook profile. If you don't have one yet, create one. Log in to your profile page and click the down arrow in the top right (next to the lock icon) and then click Create page. Then you need to indicate exactly what your page is about. For example, is it a company, a product, a person or maybe a good cause? It can take a while to find the right shape. In this workshop we take a football club as an example. click on entertainment (well, not so logical) and then at Choose acategory on Sports club. Enter the name of the club/page and click To work.

04 Information

The second step is immediately an important one, namely filling in information about your page/club. Don't stress about it, because you can always adjust it later. In the field you see, you get 155 lines to indicate what your page is about. So keep this concise, but appealing, so that people can see at a glance why it can be fun to follow your page. At the field Website you can possibly post a url of a website, so that people can also find the official website (if there is of course, nowadays Facebook is sometimes sufficient).

05 Facebook web address

You can change the description of your page later, but the Facebook web address deserves a separate heading, because you can only change it once after you've entered it. That is very important, because it is the address where people can find you on Facebook. If in our case we turn this into a club football total (football total was already gone), then we can be found here from now on, which gives us credibility and makes us easier to find. So think about this carefully, you can really only change it once later.

Why create a page?

In the first step of this workshop we have already indicated what exactly a Facebook page is. But why make one? A page is an ideal way to share things with like-minded people, things that friends and family don't always want. In the example we already mentioned a football club, but it can of course also be a theater club, a computer club, a school reunion, you name it. By the way, setting up a page for your association is not as time-consuming as building a website. Websites require maintenance, you place a page and can be filled by all administrators. That can save you a lot of headaches. By the way, if you are creating a page for a group of friends, consider opting for a group instead of a page. The setup is better for that.

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