5 tips to remove unnecessary programs and apps

We sweep through redundant files. In five tips we show you how to clean up software without leaving any leftovers. We also show specific ways to remove apps from your PC.

Tip 01: Big programs

Suitable for all Windows versions

If you want to quickly free up a lot of writing space, check out your installed programs and apps. Sometimes a lot of space from your hard drive or SSD is unjustly taken up here, while you hardly use the software. Go to Control Panel / Programs / Programs and Features. Take a critical look at the list of installed programs and uninstall what you no longer use. Click on the column Size and sort the programs by size. This way you can decide even faster whether you want to keep or delete something. Unfortunately, the size on disk is not given for some programs. Also read: 10 benefits of Windows 8.1.

Tip 02: Clean up software

Suitable for all Windows versions

The previous tip is helpful if you don't want to install additional software to remove programs, but a utility can give you a much more thorough sweep through your installed software. Absolute Uninstaller, for example, has better filtering options for detecting space hogs. In Absolute Uninstaller, click Large programs to show large consumers. For example, we found an old Call of Duty installation of more than 30 GB (!) that was not noticed by Windows in tip 5.

Tip 03: Batch Delete

Suitable for all Windows versions

Windows can't uninstall programs simultaneously because the uninstall process may go awry. The free version of Absolute Uninstaller has a trick for this. click on Batch Uninstall and check all programs you want to uninstall. Press the button Uninstall Checked Programs and uninstall procedures are started automatically one after the other. If an uninstall procedure requires a reboot, you can wait a little longer until Absolute Uninstaller has finished everything. After Absolute Uninstaller has finished all uninstalls, restart your computer manually.

Clear leftovers

Suitable for all Windows versions

Some programs leave a mess. With Revo Uninstaller you can quickly deal with this! If you remove a program via Revo Uninstaller, the chance of residues is much smaller. Choose the option Average. The standard uninstall procedure will be started and Revo Uninstaller will look for any remaining traces.

Tip 04: Windows 8 apps

Suitable for Windows 8/8.1

If you've tried many Windows 8 apps, your Start screen is probably a mess. As a result, useful apps that you like to use are not easy to find. Apps are easy to remove from your system. Right click on an app and choose remove. With the option Unpin from Start the app will remain installed, but will be removed from the home screen. You can find the app via the app overview (arrow down, bottom left of your home screen) or with the search function in the Charms bar.

Tip 05: Delete apps

Suitable for Windows 8/8.1

If you want to thoroughly sweep through your app collection, IObit Uninstaller is the fastest way to go. Go to the tab Win 8 Apps and activate Delete batch. Check the apps you no longer use and click remove. The apps are automatically removed from your system. IObit Uninstaller (just like the aforementioned Revo Uninstaller) checks that no app remnants are left after the uninstallation and offers to do this for you. The software of IObit Uninstaller also works for uninstalling Windows programs through the tab Software.

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