Stream movies for free with Plex's growing offering

We know Plex as a media server with which you can stream local media via your network to all kinds of devices. Recently, an interesting option has been added: watching movies for free. Plex offers a streaming service that is similar to Netflix, but for which you do not have to pay anything. You can stream movies for free.

If you are looking to watch free movies with Plex, you should be aware of some limitations. For the time being, you do not have to count on a rich and modern offer as with Netflix or Amazon. Plex has signed a deal with movie studios like WarnerMedia, Lionsgate and Legendary, but not all movies are available in all countries.

The film offer currently consists mainly of relatively older productions of so-called B-movies. That doesn't take away from the fact that there are some very nice productions in between. Plex also pays tribute to the avod principle. That stands for ad supported video on demand. This means that every now and then a short advertisement gets in the way of your viewing pleasure. Well, it costs nothing and is legal.

Create an account and start streaming!

Start your favorite browser and surf to the Plex site. Click here Watch Now and then on Watch Free. Create a free account via Google, Facebook or with an email address. In the latter case, confirm with Create Account, after which you log in to Plex. Incidentally, this is not mandatory. You can also stream without an account.

On the left you will find the media menu, with categories like Web Shows, News, Podcasts, TIDAL and Your media. In this case we go to the category Movies & TV. When you open it, you immediately see the thumbnails of available movies. They are divided into: Recently Added, Most popular and Plex picks of the week.

With the search bar at the top left you can search for movies in a more targeted way. To watch a movie, all you have to do is click on the movie and Play to push.

You can add a film to a queue via the button with the three dots. You should also be able to stream the movie to a Chromecast from your browser.

With the buttons at the bottom you can quickly rewind the image forwards or backwards and via Institutions can you de audio stream and Subtitles To adjust. The subtitles are only barely available, because almost the entire offer is in English.

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