How to get your battery icon back in Windows 10

When you work on a laptop, the battery icon is a very nice part to have constantly in view. That way you know exactly what the situation is and when it is time to look for a socket. But sometimes that icon is suddenly gone. There are all kinds of reasons for this; we mainly focus on the question: how do you get it back?

Via settings

You might think that this icon is one of those complicated parts of Windows that you can't easily influence, but nothing could be further from the truth. The icons in Windows can also be switched on and off with the push of a button. You just need to know which one and where it is. To enable your battery indicator icon, click Start / Settings / Personal Settings / Taskbar. Then scroll down until you see the option system tray see below with the option Selecting which icons appear on the taskbar. Now flip the switch for the missing icon. This will of course work for all other icons, not just the battery ones. If still nothing is visible, click the caret icon (^) next to the system tray and see if the icon is included.

Battery for other device

Windows can display a battery icon not only for your laptop, but also for other devices that contain a battery; a mouse for example. Also, the icon can sometimes disappear. You can also switch this icon on/off via the same place as the icon for the battery of your laptop. But what if the button does not function (gray) or is not even visible at all? In that case click on Start and type your device manager, after which you click on the found result. Now right click below Batteries on the battery for the device, select Switch off and click Yes. Wait a few seconds and right click on the battery and select Switch. If there is an icon option for this device, it should now be visible again.

Restart explorer

Finally, Windows Explorer may simply not cooperate (after these steps). In that case, search for task manager in the Start menu, and click the tab Processes right-click Explorer, and then on Restart.

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