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An address book in 'the cloud' has its advantages: after all, you can access the contact details of friends, relatives or colleagues at any time. All you need is an internet connection. With the Nederlandse you can view addresses, send group mailings or print labels.

As with any other web2.0 application, you must first follow the free registration procedure to get started with the online address book. Fortunately that goes quickly. Then enter the contact details. Manually entering all fields is an extremely time-consuming task. Fortunately, you can also import addresses into Address The Dutch web service can handle Google Contacts. Do you have an Excel file with addresses? Address can handle that too, at least if you take into account some standard conditions as in the example file.

In addition to consulting addresses via your account, you can also request country maps, send group mailings or even send messages by SMS. The SMS service is of course not free, you pay 15 euro cents each (with a minimum purchase of 10 euros in SMS credit). In addition, also makes it possible to download your complete address book as an Excel file or to print labels. Do you work with very large numbers of addresses? Then it is recommended to also attach labels to your contacts. In this way, you can not only organize your contacts into groups, but also print separate labels for, for example, birthday party invitations. does not have the functionalities of Plaxo, but it is at least a lot better than Zexer.

You can even request the location via Google Maps.

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