Auslogics Browser Care - APK for all your browsers

Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (or the new Edge) settings are all located in a different place. Examples include toolbars, add-ons and cleaning routines. Auslogics Browser Care handles (almost) everything related to browser extensions from one program.

Auslogics Browser Care




Windows Vista/7/8/10


6 Score 60
  • Pros
  • Settings quickly found
  • Ease of use
  • Supports all popular browsers
  • Automatic restore point
  • Negatives
  • Need to sign out of Chrome
  • Watch out for unwanted extras during installation

Please close all your browser windows before using Auslogics Browser Care. The program shows three buttons at the top of the screen for the most famous browsers. Click on a browser button to see what you can set. This starts at the top of the screen with the home page. In addition to the start page, you can determine the default search engine, for example that of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Also read: Which browser has it all?

Toolbars and Add-ons

In the middle section of Auslogics Browser Care you will see all the toolbars and extensions. For each part you have the choice to switch it on or off. Use the trash can icon to delete the extension or add-on. Only use the trash if you're really sure what you're doing, otherwise disabling it is a better choice. You can check multiple items and add to batch operation indicate which action you want to apply.

On the left of the screen you will receive messages that your system is not completely healthy. You can ignore this, it seems to be a promotion of another product from the program makers. On the right side of the screen you can have your temporary files cleaned up. click on Show options to indicate which parts you want to clear.


Be alert during the Auslogics Browser Care installation procedure to avoid unwanted extras! The makers insist that the product does not contain spyware, adware and toolbars, but they do try to install another program of their own. Choose an advanced installation, then you can specify exactly which options you want to install.

Auslogics Browser Care supports Google Chrome, but not while you are logged in with your Google account. So log out if you want to use Auslogics Browser Care with Chrome.


We would have loved to give Auslogics Browser Care five stars, but the troubles during installation are very annoying. Despite these tricks of the makers, Auslogics Browser Care is a good program for those who use multiple browsers side by side. The ability to quickly disable extensions and remove toolbars is especially nice.

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