This is how you install the free Google fonts in Windows

Google has a good font collection that you can use for free. The collection is best known to web developers for being quite easy to use online. In this article you can read where to find the fonts and how to install them in Windows.

Step 1: Fonts from Google

The complete collection of fonts from Google can be found here. There is a search function available, but you can also easily scroll through the fonts. On the left of the screen it is possible to apply filters so that, for example, only handwritten fonts or letters without serifs are shown. The examples are displayed by default with the text: "Grumpy wizards make toxic (...)". You can enter your own text at Preview Text. Also read: Install your favorite fonts anywhere with portable apps.

The Google fonts are in a long list. By clicking on an item, a 'font family', you will see all variations and sizes. Found something you like? Press the button Add to Collection and search further. Repeat for all fonts you want to use in Windows. The names of the chosen fonts appear at the bottom of your browser. At the top right of the screen you see a button with a downward pointing arrow. Click here and choose .zip file to get the fonts.

Step 2: Install

Extract the downloaded zip file. Inside the folder you will find subfolders with the ttf font files. Double click on a ttf file to open it. Windows shows a preview. Press the button to install to make the font available in Windows. You can also install all ttf files per 'family' at once. To do this, open the folder in Windows Explorer. Select all files with the key combination Ctrl+A. Right click on your selection and choose to install.

Step 3: Even More Fonts...

Now that the fonts are in Windows, you can use them directly in Word or another program. We mention Google's font collection in this article because it's very popular, but there are more sources where you can get your fonts. If you've got a taste for it, take a look at, and Downloading is a little different here, but installing is the same.

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