Start programs in Admin mode by default

We understand that Microsoft does not allow all programs in Windows to start in Administrator mode by default. However, if you often need that mode, that extra action can be bloody irritating, how do you solve that?

Anyone who does not have to deal with these reports on a daily basis might ask themselves, what are you worrying about. But if you have to open dozens of apps every once in a while and have to keep saying that you want to start in Administrator mode, it takes an unnecessary amount of time, plus it gets on your nerves. Also read: 13 tips for Windows 10.

Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that the program of your choice always opens in your preferred mode. You have to adjust all the apps for which you want that to apply, one by one, but that is a one-off and after that life becomes a lot more pleasant (as far as this is concerned).

Start programs as Administrator by default

Press the button Start and then All apps. Find the program you want to start in Admin mode from now on and, right click on it and then click Open file location. Note: This only works for desktop apps, not the default Windows 10 apps).

After the Windows Explorer is opened right click click on the relevant file and choose Characteristics. Now click on the tab Shortcut and then the button Advanced. You will now find the option here Run as administrator. You can guess: when you use this option clicks and then click OK and again on OK, this program will always be started in Administrator mode from now on.

By the way: there is a way to do it for all apps at the same time, but that requires messing around in the Registry and we'll cover that in detail another time.

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