Get your subtitles in order in 14 steps

There's nothing more frustrating than watching a movie or series only to find that the subtitles don't match the sound or maybe it's missing altogether. Fortunately, there are many ways to adjust the subtitles to your liking.

Step 1 - Download Subtitles

Preventing frustrations in the field of subtitles, of course, starts with downloading the right subtitles. And that in turn starts with downloading the right files for movies and series. It is worth looking at the subtitles when you download the film or series in question. Look at the file name of the subtitle and find the matching video file, because that is easier than the other way around. This also prevents audio and subtitles from running at the same time.

Step 2 - Download Subtitles with Software

You can manually search for subtitles (or better yet, download movies and series that already have the subtitles), but if that doesn't work you can also let software do the work for you. A super handy (and free) program for this is Sublight. All you need to do with this program is select which video file you are searching for a subtitle for and then the matching subtitle will be searched. The subtitle file is also scanned for content related to the synchronization and placed directly in the same folder as the video file, with the same name. If there are any subtitles at all for this movie or series, this program will find them.

Step 3 - Check

When you're ready to start your television evening, you obviously don't want to have to adjust everything. An important tip is therefore: check the subtitles immediately after you have downloaded them. The easiest way is to open the Windows Media Player or the VLC program to see if the subtitles are playing at all. Fast forward a bit, because even if the subtitles are the same in the beginning, it may suddenly go out of sync later in the video. It is better to find out immediately than halfway through the film or series.

Step 4 - Rename

If the subtitles are not displayed when the video is played, this can of course be due to the settings of your media player, but before you check all that, it is wise to first check whether the file with your subtitle has the correct name. has. For a subtitle to work, the file must have exactly the same name as the video file and also be in the same folder. The reason for this is that equipment is usually not very intelligent and just looks: is there a subtitle file or not?

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