Waterfox - Privacy Friendly Firefox Alternative

Although the well-known browsers are packed with features these days, Waterfox promises even more freedom to its users. For example, this program claims not to collect user data and it is possible to install unofficial add-ons. Does Waterfox pose a threat to the establishment?





Windows 7/8/10, macOS, Linux, Android


www.waterfoxproject.org 6 Score 60

  • Pros
  • Wide support extensions
  • Does not collect user data
  • Negatives
  • Little distinctive
  • Slower than Firefox

For years, Waterfox took advantage of the fact that Mozilla did not make a 64-bit version of Firefox available. In 2011, it was therefore one of the first 64-bit browsers, after which the program quickly managed to attract a loyal group of users. They praised this alternative browser mainly for its speed. However, since the end of 2015, there is also a 64-bit version of Firefox. In addition, Mozilla's flagship product recently received a significant speed boost. Waterfox therefore has to distinguish itself in a different way. Easier said than done!

Better than Firefox?

Windows users can choose from an installation version or a portable version. The browser also works under macOS and Linux. A separate apk file is available for Android. The user environment is in English by default, but you can easily change that to Dutch in the settings. Waterfox is based on Mozilla's open source platform, so obviously there are major similarities with Firefox. For example, the menu, toolbar and available functions correspond almost exactly to an earlier edition of Mozilla's browser. Previously, Waterfox was known as a lightning fast browser. We are curious how it is today. The benchmark Speedometer 2.0 shows that Waterfox is miles behind Firefox these days. Even if we look at the memory consumption, the system load with the alternative browser is considerably higher.

Look for the differences

Are there any differences with (the old) Firefox? Hardly any actually, although Waterfox does accept unofficial expansions unlike its big brother. Plus, both new and old add-ons work just fine. The maker further solemnly promises not to collect user data. This browser presents itself as a more privacy-friendly alternative to Firefox. Finally, the search results appear in Ecosia by default. This ethical search engine uses over eighty percent of its revenue to plant new trees. In the settings you can possibly designate Google as the search engine.


Waterfox is fine as a browser, although the performance is lagging behind that of Firefox and Chrome. Furthermore, this alternative offers very few reasons to switch. Waterfox is only interesting for those who value privacy or want to install unofficial extensions.

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