Sync calendars, that's how you do it!

Some people seem to have more digital calendars than activities. If things go wrong, each calendar has a different format: your work provides you with a Google Calendar, at home you work with Outlook and on your iPhone you also have a number of calendars synchronized with iCloud. In this course you will learn how to create order out of chaos.

To synchronize calendars with each other, it is important that they all speak the same language. In this course we use Google Calendar as an umbrella service, because you can import this format into all kinds of services.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a service from the search engine giant that allows you to create, edit and share various calendars. The beauty of this service is that many systems support the protocol, so you can effortlessly synchronize calendars between different systems. The downside is that you need a Google account.

Created a Google account? Then it's high time to start synchronizing all your calendars.

Course: Synchronize Calendar from IDG Netherlands

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