This is how you unsubscribe from all those annoying newsletters in one go

You will just see: you buy a product once at a webshop and then you are stalked for the rest of your life with newsletters, offers and update e-mails. Before you know it, your inbox is overflowing and you can no longer see the wood for the trees. Unsubscribing from newsletters can be done in no time with these tools.

Sign out in Gmail

If your mail service is Gmail, you're in luck. Gmail offers an unsubscribe option that you will find next to the sender's name. Some newsletters have the 'unsubscribe' option itself at the bottom, but these are often difficult to find and you often have to give a reason for unsubscribing. Of course you can't wait for that. In Gmail you simply open the mail and Google ensures that this sender no longer spams you on a daily basis.

Sign out in Apple Mail

Apple Mail on iOS offers a similar option to Gmail. To unsubscribe from a newsletter, all you need to do is open the email and tap the 'unsubscribe' button that appears at the top. Do this again to confirm that you really want to unsubscribe from this newsletter.

Both e-mail services do their best to recognize newsletters as such, but this is not always possible. If you do not find the unsubscribe option, you can search for the unsubscribe option in the mail itself by pressing Ctrl+F and searching for 'unsubscribe' or 'unsubscribe'.

Unsubscribe with a third party

Of course, there are also plenty of external tools that you can use to clean your inbox from newsletters. Always pay extra attention to this. After all, you give a third party access to all your personal emails.

For example, you can use, a free app for Android and iOS. With this app you simply swipe the newsletters you want to unsubscribe from to the left. Please note: this app sells your data in an anonymous form to marketing companies that conduct research into email marketing.

Another option is Cleanfox. They also sell your data to marketing companies, but unlike, they do this in bulk without your email address being linked to it. In addition, part of the proceeds from the resale of your data will go to a charity, the WeForest project. Also available for Android and iOS.

You can delete newsletters in bulk with the paid application Mailstorm. This will scan your inbox and you will then see all newsletters. One or more newsletters disappear from your inbox and from your life with just two clicks of a button.

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