This is how you disable ads within Windows 10

Microsoft has the bad habit of showing certain advertisements within Windows 10 itself. Not only in the start menu, but also in the File Explorer. Don't worry, you can also disable these functions.

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Although Windows 10 is basically a good operating system, it is a pity that Microsoft has built in functions in various places that ensure that advertisements are shown just like that. This can occur in several places, of which the start menu is one of the most common places where you can encounter advertisements. But the Windows Explorer also has a function, where, for example, advertisements from OneDrive are shown when you browse through your folders with the Explorer.

Disable Start Menu Ads

It is noteworthy to say the least that Microsoft hides the option to show ads in Windows Explorer in a different place than all other advertising functions. You can adjust the 'normal' options for whether or not to show advertisements, or suggestions as Microsoft calls it, in the general settings. For that you go to Settings / Personal Settings / Home. To disable the app suggestions, move the slider to Occasionally show suggestions in Home out.

Disable OneDrive ads

Many people are not aware of the Windows Explorer itself that there is also an option to show advertisements. However, it is not the case that every random advertiser can just display advertisements in your Explorer, it only concerns messages from Microsoft.

Not that it makes that any less bad now, because nothing is more annoying than receiving notifications about, for example, OneDrive if you don't want to use that software at all. Some users who don't use OneDrive or have uninstalled it may see a pop-up from time to time with an ad about OneDrive. Not only with a recommendation to download the software, but also various texts to try to persuade you to take out a subscription to OneDrive.

Fortunately, you can also prevent this. Open the Windows Explorer, open the tab Image and click Options. Then go to the tab Display. Scroll down the list until you see the option Show notifications from sync provider sees. There you uncheck it. Now you will no longer be bothered with advertisements there.

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