How to selectively block friend requests on Facebook

It can happen that you suddenly receive friend requests on Facebook from someone you don't know at all. You can of course delete this request manually, if it happens more often, it is also possible to automatically block such requests.

This is a good idea because strangers often try to send people friend requests to invade their circle of friends. They do this to find out and/or steal personal data through this route. There are special spam lists with active Facebook users. Also read: 9 tips to make Facebook fun again.

Block requests

By automatically blocking friend requests from strangers, you ensure that you don't accidentally add a malicious person or have to constantly decline requests from strangers. Moreover, in this way you are invisible to these malicious people, and often you are automatically removed from their spam list after a while. After that, it is often safe again to be able to receive friend requests from everyone.

On your PC or Mac, go to the Facebook website and log in to your account. Click the padlock icon at the top right of the page and click Who can contact me?. A menu will then appear with the options Everybody and Friends of friends. If you select the second option, only people who are friends with your own friends on Facebook can send you a friend request.

If you would still like to receive requests from people who are not friends with your Facebook friends, you can reactivate the setting after a few weeks. Everybody to make. Hopefully you will no longer be on the spam list. If it gets annoying again, repeat the process.

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