This is how you find the best Spotify playlists

In an era where just about everything is streamed, music is no exception. But do you also struggle to find fun new playlists on Spotify? Despite the fact that the playlists on Spotify themselves are easy to search, it can still be quite difficult to find just that one right playlist on Spotify. That's why we have for you: the best sites to find playlists on Spotify!

The Playlist Miner

Are you in a certain mood and do you want to find suitable music? Then The Playlist Miner is the solution for you. This tool connects to your Spotify account and searches for music that matches your indicated mood or genre based on your own search criteria. The Playlist Miner does this by searching the best listened music from the public playlists on Spotify for your entered keyword. You will then receive a list of all playlists on Spotify that contain your search term! You can also choose to look up the top rated songs that match your mood.

Boil the Frog

Want to listen to Andrea Bocelli but also want to hear the latest hits from Ariana Grande? Boil the Frog creates a seamless playlist on Spotify of two artists of your choice. The playlist starts with your first chosen artist and then searches for the second artist through all kinds of other songs from other artists. So the best of both worlds! lets you easily search all available playlists on Spotify. You can probably listen to a preview via the site itself, but if you like the playlist, you can also choose to listen to it on Spotify itself.

You can easily search by typing in a genre, artist or mood. You can also browse through different genres or moods on the homepage. If you apply the filter tool, you will surely find just the one from all those thousands of playlists on Spotify that fits exactly what you are looking for.


Spotibot helps you discover new music. Enter an artist you love and Spotibot will search for the best other musicians that match your search based on the listening behavior of others. Based on this, a playlist is created so that you can easily and clearly discover new music in no time.

If you have a account, you can also link it to Spotibot. This makes finding new music even easier.

Magic Playlist

Do you also hate putting together a playlist for a certain occasion? With Magic Playlist you can create the perfect playlists on Spotify in less than a second. This site compiles a complete playlist based on one song you specify, which you can then easily save in Spotify. If there is a song in there that you don't like, you can easily delete it with the trash can next to the song. You can also change the order of the playlist here. To do this, click on a number and drag it to the place where you want the number. Ready to adjust? Then save it to Spotify and enjoy your personalized playlist on Spotify!

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