This is how you do it: Log in with multiple accounts

Suppose you have to log in to another Twitter account (for example, that of your work) or another Facebook account, but you do not feel like logging out of your current account. That can be very frustrating, because by default this is not possible. Still, you can get around this obstacle quite easily.

Use multiple browsers

The easiest method by far is to use different browsers. For example, you can use Firefox to log in with your private twitter, and Internet Explorer to log in to the account you use for business.

This method is extra useful in some cases, because it makes it very easy to remember which browser you use for which account, so that you avoid posting a private message from your work account or vice versa. Of course you can also use Chrome for a third account, or another browser for a fourth, fifth, and so on.

Use multiple browsers for different accounts, which is handy.

Use private browsing

Most major browsers have a feature built in that allows you to start a new private browsing session. The advantage of such a session is that it is anonymous, and in principle you can no longer be followed. An additional advantage is that you are also able to start a second session in the same browser, so that you can log in to the service of your choice with a different account, without your other account being logged out.

In Firefox you start a private browser session with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + P, in Chrome with Ctrl + Shift + N and in Internet Explorer again with Ctrl + Shift + P. By the way, when you close the session, all information that was there saved lost.

Private browsing also makes it very easy to use a second account.

Use extensions

If the above two methods don't work for you, there are always extensions to download that help you log in with different accounts. For Firefox, for example, there is the extension Multifox, an extension that allows you to create different profiles within Firefox, in order to log in with different accounts. For Chrome there is MultiLogin. If you use Internet Explorer, you should try one of the first two options.

Finally, the various extensions offer a solution.

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