Mini review: Huawei MediaPad M5

Android tablets have never lived up to their task as a laptop replacement, but over the years they have discovered their niche as a portable media player. Huawei is therefore smart by fully focusing on that aspect with its new Huawei MediaPad M5.

Huawei MediaPad M5

Price € 349,-

Website // 10 Score 100

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That starts of course with the screen, which with its resolution of 2560 x 1600 is crystal clear. The IPS display offers beautiful colors, excellent black values ​​and the same viewing angles. What's also striking is that our 10.8-inch model (27.4 cm) is very thin and light, but because of the metal housing it doesn't feel cheap. For five bucks less you can buy an even more manageable 8.4 inch (21.3 cm) model.

speed demon

The internal specifications are also very similar to those of Huawei smartphones from last year, with 4 GB of ram and the Kirin 960 processor as the beating heart. Although there is now a successor, this CPU is fast enough for everything you expect from a contemporary tablet. Graphically intensive games run like a charm and switching between apps also produces little disturbing delay. Another important aspect of the media experience is of course audio. For this, Harman Kardon speakers have been incorporated into the tablet, which sound impressive in every way. However, for the best sound, connect headphones. A 3.5mm connection is missing, but a USB-C adapter is included. Wireless listening via bluetooth is of course also an option.

Pro or not?

Incidentally, there is also a more expensive Pro version of this tablet. Internally, the variants do not differ from each other, but the Pro tablet is the only one that comes with a stylus. You can use this M Pen for making notes or illustrations, among other things. There are also buttons to assign shortcuts to apps. Nice and nice, but for average use not so much worth the extra cost. Is there nothing more to complain about? No actually not. The battery life is also fine. Are you looking for an affordable, good Android tablet? You have found it with this one!

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