Chrome Web Store

Google recently opened a special web store for Google Chrome: the Chrome Web Store. Here you will find all apps, extensions and themes made for the popular Google browser. We take a close look at the store and shop a number of useful products for you!

1. Google Chrome

If you're starting to read this article, you probably already have Google's fast browser Chrome installed on your computer, so you can skip this tip. However, if Chrome is not yet on your computer, you can download it by surfing to Google Chrome and clicking the Download Google Chrome to click. On the next page, you will be presented with the terms of service and given the option to set Google Chrome as the default browser if desired. Select the desired boxes and click Accept and install. The installation file will now be downloaded and the browser will be installed. The installation will be completed in a few minutes - depending on the speed of your internet connection. The first time you start Chrome, you need to select your favorite search engine. Then you can continue.

Don't have Google Chrome on your PC yet? Then install the browser first.

2. Explore Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is very reminiscent of popular app stores such as Apple's App Store and the Android Market. If you take a look at Chrome Web Store you will see what we mean. In the Chrome Web Store, apps (advanced interactive websites), extensions (browser extensions) and themes are neatly presented in well-arranged categories. Just like in Apple's App Store, different parts are highlighted. Many of the 'products' in this store are free, but some require payment. The Web Store is an online marketplace where developers can sell their software. Unfortunately, the Chrome Web Store is currently only available in an English version, but a Dutch version will also be launched in the future. For now we have to make do with the American Chrome Web Store.

The Chrome Web Store offers a comprehensive range of apps, extensions and themes.

3. What are apps?

You probably know what apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones are. Just like their brothers for these smartphones, the apps in the world of Google Chrome consist of small programs. Google calls them 'advanced interactive websites'. Apps work from a Google server within the browser, so the software is not on your PC, but - in a popular term - 'in the cloud'. You can compare them in that sense with the way Hotmail and Google Docs work, for example. Cloud services offer several advantages: installation takes seconds, they are available from any computer and they are constantly kept up-to-date. Installing an app in Chrome is very easy. You choose an app from the Chrome Web Store and click install. The app is available immediately and an icon will be added to the 'new tab' page of your Chrome browser.

Installing an app adds it to Chrome's "new tab" page.

4. Get started

We begin our shopping journey with the Gmail app, which is highly recommended if you use Gmail. Go to Gmail app. If you're not already signed in to Gmail, please do so first. Then click install, then the app will be added to the 'new tab' page. Right click on the application to see additional options. By default, the app opens as a normal tab, but you can also choose to open Gmail as a pinned tab. In addition, the app is opened immediately in a fixed sheet every time you start the browser. It is also possible to open the app in a new window or in full screen. As you can see, you can quickly remove the app again if you need to. In that case, click Undo installation.

Installing an app is very simple: all you need to do is click the Install button.

All kinds of extra options are hidden under the right mouse button.

5. Post it

It's always the same: when you want to jot down something quickly, you don't have a pen and paper to hand. If this sounds familiar to you, you can install the Stickies app. Go to Stickies and click install. The app will then be placed in the Applications and will be available anytime you open a new tab in Chrome. When you start the app, you will see a page where you can 'paste' notes. Double-click your left mouse button to create a new note, then double-click the note to enter text. At the bottom you can choose different colors. To delete a Sticky, drag it to the trash. Click on the English key icon to unlock the Optionspage to open. If you have the option Use Google App Engine for storage of Stickies check box will save your Stickies not only locally, but also online, so you can access them from any computer. You do need a Google account (for example, a Gmail account) for this.

The Stickies app allows you to quickly create a short note. Useful!

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