Netflix doesn't work: this is how you solve it

Netflix, our trusted streaming friend on rainy days, for all our bingewatching activities and unfulfilled hours. But what if Netflix doesn't work or a big error message appears on your screen? Netflix not working? Don't panic, try the tips below.

Obvious solutions

Let's get straight to the point: Netflix is ​​a streaming service that works via the internet. So if Netflix doesn't want to load, your internet connection is the first thing you want to check. You can experience problems if your connection is not working or is slower than usual. You may have already found the solution in simply resetting your router and closing Netflix and restarting.

In addition, check that your app and graphics drivers are up to date. In order to enjoy watching movies, all supporting software must be of the latest version. You update the app via the Playstore or the Appstore. And do you watch Netflix on your laptop with Windows 10? Then you need Silverlight. You can download it from Microsoft's site.

Is it still not doing it? Then it could also be that Netflix has a malfunction. You can check this on the Alle Malfunctions site. Here you will not only find whether Netflix has a malfunction, but also all kinds of other services.

Error Message 12001

Do you have the error message 'Error 12001' on your screen? This may mean that your data storage is full. You solve this as follows:

  • On the device on which you watch Netflix (for example, your smartphone or tablet) go to institutions
  • Then choose the option apps and select Netflix
  • Tap on storage you will now see the option to clear your data and clear your cache.
  • Be the first to choose clear cache. You can then also delete your data. This will mean that you have to sign in to the app again
  • All data has now been reset and the error message should be gone

Black screen while watching

Do you see a black screen while watching? This may be due to your browser. That could be a bug in the browser itself, or a plugin that's getting in the way. You can check this by opening another browser without extensions. For example, try another browser like Mozilla Firefox.

In addition, turn off your proxy, VPN or unblocker. Netflix blocks all access that comes through this route to prevent people from crossing the regional border.

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