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In addition to an up-to-date antivirus tool, a firewall is also necessary to stop malicious software. Windows 10's built-in firewall is definitely decent. Only managing it can be a bit tricky. Windows Firewall Control gives you more options and better control.

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A firewall acts as a gatekeeper: all unnecessary ports (read: channels through which data enters and exits your system) are closed and monitored to block unwanted traffic. Windows Firewall Control (WFC) is not a firewall itself, but a management tool for the built-in Windows Firewall. So it must be active.


WFC was recently acquired by the anti-malware manufacturer Malwarebytes, who made the product free. After installation, you will find the tool in the System Tray. From here you reach the control panel, which consists of various parts. Among other things, there is a connection log with an overview of all (allowed and) blocked processes, which can be useful if you notice that a program does not want to connect to the internet. From the context menu you can still allow such a connection, create a firewall rule for it or send the file to VirusTotal for checking.

Profiles & Notifications

By default, WFC works with profiles: from high about Medium and low until No Filtering. The makers recommend the Mediumsetting, which blocks outgoing connections that are not included in a firewall rule. If a (new) application requests such a connection, you will receive a notification, at least if you have enabled notifications. You can then create the appropriate rule with one mouse click, as always allow or block.

Extra security

In addition, WFC includes some additional security features, such as Secure Boot that temporarily opens the profile when shutting down the system High Filtering set, or Secure Profile that allows firewall changes only through WFC's window. For the latter, you can also request an overview of all current firewall rules, which you can easily adjust from the context menu.


Windows Firewall Control is an excellent program for the more advanced user who has Windows Firewall running and who recognizes the importance of a well-configured firewall.

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