How to block someone on Instagram

Not everyone can get along on the internet and that often leads to hate messages or annoying discussions. If you can't wait for that, you can ring the bell. In Instagram, for example, you can block an account. We explain how that works in this article.

It sounds a bit childish, because what does it matter who blocks the other person on Instagram first? In reality, it turns out to be quite an annoying problem, because if you're dealing with someone who is out to make fun of you, they can unblock you again and again, post something hurtful, and then quickly get back to you. to block. You can't respond then, in fact you can't even see this person's profile because he/she has blocked you. Are you powerless then? Luckily not!

To block

There is a trick with which you can still block someone who has blocked you. It's very simple, but does require you to message the person one more time. Go to a post on Instagram that you would like to share with the person in question (tip: great time to make one last statement). Tag the person you want to block in this post. When you do this, it will appear at the top of the screen Message sent to... followed by the profile name of the person you tagged. Now you have to be quick, before the text disappears, you have to press this profile name. You then end up on a kind of intermediate page, which is not the profile of the person in question, but a page with an icon with the letter in the top right i. If you press this icon, you will be given the option to block this profile. And voila, the bullying is over.

Limited blocking

Don't want to completely block someone, but just want to prevent them from leaving annoying comments on your photos or videos? Then go to the settings within the Instagram app and tapPrivacy and then Comments. Tap next to Block comments from on People and enter the name of the person you want to block, then tap next to the name To block. Do you regret? Then you can always unblock the person in question.


If you are simply tired of seeing messages or Instagram Stories from a certain person, you can also mute them. Go to the profile of the person you want to ignore and tap the three dots at the top right. Here you will find the option mute. Tap this and you'll be given the choice to mute posts or stories, or both.

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