Here you will find the wallpapers of Windows 10 themes

Microsoft regularly releases new Windows 10 themes. Such a theme gives the operating system a fresh new look. At the base are often beautiful background images. We explain where those wallpapers are stored on your system, so that you can transfer them to another PC, for example.

Installing a theme is an easy way to customize things like Windows 10's desktop background, colors, sounds, and even the cursor all at once. Earlier we described how you can adjust colors and themes in Windows 10.

Let's briefly review how to bring in such a theme. Right click on your desktop and choose Personalize. Go to Themes and click Get more themes from the Microsoft Store. The Store opens and you'll see that you have hundreds of free themes to choose from.

Choose one and click To download. After the download is complete, press To apply to measure the theme directly. Often it concerns several photos that are alternated every so often. You can adjust its frequency at Personal settings, Wallpaper, Slideshow, Pictures change every...

Windows 10 wallpaper location

Those images come from somewhere, of course. They are on your system, but are well hidden. Suppose you like a photo so much that you want to keep it separately. Or a few images appeal to you less and you want to get rid of them. Then you need the correct folder where the images are stored as .jpgs.

Make sure hidden folders are visible by opening File Explorer and choosing Options / Change folder and search options / View / Hidden folders / Show files and drives. Then navigate toC:// Users / [Username] / AppData / Local / Microsoft / Windows / Themes.

Each installed theme has been given its own folder here. Within such a folder, the images are in the folder DesktopBackground, as you can see above. You can copy the images here to another folder or simply delete them. If necessary, save them on a USB stick or external drive, after which you can also transfer the images to another PC. Or right click on it and choose Use as desktop background.

Default Windows 10 images

Windows 10 itself also has some standard images baked in. You can see this, among other things, with a fresh installation - the well-known blue background with the Windows logo - and on the login screen. These can also be found, but in a different place.

go for it to you c://drive and open the Windowsfolder. In it you will find the folder again Web. All standard Windows 10 images are stored here, in various resolutions. There is even a 4K version, which of course works best on a 4K monitor.

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