Quickly adjust a photo to your liking with Photocustomization.nl

Sometimes people think they need PhotoShop whenever they need to adjust anything to an image. Fortunately, that's not the case. There are many online tools and websites to help you without having to install anything on your computer, let alone purchase an expensive license. An example of this is Fotoaanpassen.nl, which had a major restyle last year and has therefore become considerably better.

Resizing a photo

The great thing about Fotoaanpassen.nl is that you can immediately upload a photo in your browser and adjust the dimensions to the pixel. It doesn't matter how big your photo is, although the website will run faster with slightly smaller photos. Moreover, he himself also indicates when you upload that you might want to make the file slightly smaller, so that you can edit it in a well-arranged way. If you only want to adjust the dimensions of a photo, you only need to take the following steps:

  • Go to photocustomization.nl
  • click on File / Open
  • On your computer, select the file you want to edit
  • Then you go to Basic / Cutting
  • Then you get the option to select the number of pixels and you can drag the selection square on the image so that it cuts exactly what you want to have cut away
  • Is your photo too big and are you cropping too much? Then go through Base first to shrink and resize the image by choosing the pixels in width or height
  • If your image is to your liking, go to File/ Save photo and you can save the image back to your PC however you want

Save a photo in a smaller file size for your website

Do you want that photo not to be saved as a fairly large .png but rather as a smaller file for your website? Then go to Save photo as… Here you can already enter a name for the file, but also make the important selection what the file format should be. If you want to save a small image for your website, choose .jpg and click on Save photo. Then you get the option to slightly adjust the quality of the photo via a slider. Often if you skip this and save the photo immediately, it is already fairly small, but if it is still too large in size, you can always choose to drag the slider slightly to the left. You can immediately see to what extent the quality of the photo is deteriorating.

Filter a photo

Putting a filter on a photo is not just something that can be done with Photoshop or Instagram. There are also plenty of filters to choose from on Fotoaanpassen.nl. Whether you want to go for an extreme Warhol effect or just show the photo in black and white. Go to Filters and you automatically get a mini-example of what you can expect from a filter. You only have to click on the filter and it will automatically be applied to your image. Don't you think it's nothing? Then you can choose a different filter at the push of a button. If you want to quickly make a photo more beautiful, we recommend that you choose autocorrect or autocorrect 2 on the left.

Draw a mustache on a photo

Do you want to create a funny image for a colleague who has been employed for so many years, or do you want to tease your best friend by giving his girlfriend a mustache on a heartfelt photo he shared on Facebook? It can be done with Photo Adjust. You only have to go to the top for this Sign and then Free drawing to be supplied with a Paint-like marker that allows you to draw directly on your image. It takes some practice to control it with a mouse (pad). You can choose how thick your marker should be in the Free drawing option. If you really want to make a great deal of it, you can join Sign also choose Image. You then get a choice of all kinds of funny stamps that you can place on your image.

Of course you can do much more with a professional photo editing program such as Photoshop, but certainly if you only want to do some simple edits, you will find that Photo Adjustment takes you a long way. In addition, it takes much less time to start up and you can access it from all kinds of devices. Have fun editing photos!

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