The best series on Netflix of 2019

It's been an eventful year on our favorite streaming service Netflix. Series came, series went and Netflix was committed to making its own series and movies. These were the best series on Netflix of 2019.

When They See Us

When They See Us is a mini-series that tells the true story of a group of five boys who were identified as suspects in a 1989 murder case. During this true trial, these teenagers were falsely accused of theft, rape and murder.

The Haunting of Hill House

Are you looking for a nasty horror series that will make your hair stand on end? Then look at The Haunting of Hill House. This unique perspective tells what happens to a family after they escape a haunted house. The traces left behind by the traumatic experiences also affect the adult lives of the former residents. Extra viewing tip: while watching, pay attention to whether you see the ghosts in the background of the shots. These are hidden in every episode!


If you haven't seen the German series Dark yet, this is an absolute must. This bizarre series is dark not only in camera work, but also in subject matter. In a German village, children disappear every few years. These children never turn up alive again, despite intense searches. All you get to see is a small room with childish wallpaper and dead children with strange burns. It might take a while to match all the covered timelines, but it's well worth the investment.

La Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel was probably one of the most watched and popular series on Netflix. This Spanish series was especially popular among young people and is about a group of criminals who commit robberies. If you haven't seen the series yet, you'll recognize it: Salvador Dali's red overalls and face masks were a real trend at Carnival.


What makes Mindhunter such a good series is how well cast the actors portray the serial killers. Often these characters are so similar to the real life counterpart that you can really dive right into the mind of the nasty serial killer.

The Crown

The Crown is a Birth drama series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in England. There are now three seasons of this series on Netflix and big names such as Helena Bonham Carter, Olivia Colman and Matt Smith are working on it.

After Life

This series by Ricky Gervais is definitely one of the best series to be found on Netflix. With his dark and cynical humor that is so characteristic of Chervais, he knows how to make you not only laugh but also sometimes cry. After Life follows the life of a widower who, after the death of his wife, cannot get his own life back on track and actually doesn't want to at all.

The Witcher

The Netflix original series The Witcher can be viewed from December 20. This series is based on the books of the same name by the Polish writer Andrezj Sapkowski. By reviewers who probably got a taste of the series, The Witcher is already called a Netflix counterpart to Game of Thrones. Whether it will live up to all expectations remains to be seen, but the second season of the series has been confirmed.

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