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Windows 10 is indeed a beautiful operating system, but with frequent use, vague problems sometimes arise. Think of incomprehensible error messages, not recognizing connected hardware and refusing certain updates. Before you proceed with the reinstallation, it is worthwhile to first run FixWin on the system.

FixWin 10




Windows 10

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  • Pros
  • Solves specific problems
  • No installation required
  • Negatives
  • Result not always clear
  • For advanced users

FixWin detects problems in Windows 10 and fixes them immediately where possible. This freeware comes from The Windows Club stable. This team has a lot of knowledge of Microsoft's operating system and is also behind the Ultimate Windows Tweaker program. After downloading FixWin you can get started right away, because an installation is not necessary.

Deep recovery

The English start window is clear and advises users to create a restore point first. That is a wise thing to do, because FixWin carries a certain risk. The program adjusts deep system files if necessary. In the event of a negative result, you can easily return to the old situation thanks to a restore point. Furthermore, in the main window you use the function System File Checker Utility to repair corrupt system files. A black Command Prompt window will scan the system within minutes. Strangely enough, we don't see the results of the scan anywhere afterwards, so we have no idea whether the program has detected and solved errors. When Windows 10 no longer wants to open certain apps, you can use the Re-Register Store Apps log on to the operating system again. Finally, we see an option to restore a Windows system image.

Specific issues

In addition to the basic functions of the launcher, FixWin includes several categories for solving specific problems. This can be found in the column on the left. There are separate categories for Windows Explorer, system tools and Windows 10. If FixWin contains a solution to a problem, click on fix to sort things out. That way you can, for example, put a disappeared Recycle Bin back on the Desktop or restore the refusing right-click context menu. The question mark shows how the program fixes problems. This is often done via a registry adjustment, so FixWin is not completely risk-free.


FixWin is a useful tool to fix complex problems within Windows 10. A downside is that the makers mainly focus on advanced users. Moreover, the results of not every function can be seen, so that users remain in the dark. Nevertheless, FixWin resolves dozens of individual problems resolutely!

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