Recover files from USB stick or memory card with RecoveRx

It will only happen to you: your digital camera had just filled that SD card with nice photos, but a little later they just disappeared. Or another doomsday scenario: when you format your USB stick or memory card, you lost track of those important documents! Fortunately, you can still rely on recovery tools such as RecoveRx.



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From Windows 7 (with Microsoft .NET framework 4.0), macOS 10.7 or higher

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  • User friendly
  • Selectable file types
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  • Deep and long scan only

A scattering error or technical inadequacy has already caused data loss for many users. RecoveRx has focused on recovering data on various storage media: from memory cards, MP3 players and USB sticks to external drives and SSDs.


When you start RecoveRx, a simple wizard immediately pops up. Logically, you first get the question on which drive to search for missing data. Then you indicate the exact type of data files you are looking for: Photo, Video, Document or Others. The latter category appears to revolve mainly around music. With each category you will also see the supported file formats including extensions. You decide which types the program can ignore. You can also set the folder where the recovered data should be stored here. And that's it, because immediately afterwards the tool starts working and you as a user have nothing more to do except to stop the scan.

Deep scan

Unlike some other tools, you can't choose between a quick, superficial scan and a 'deep scan' here. RecoverRx goes straight for the latter, and that means a lot of patience, especially with bulkier media. However, don't let the estimated waiting time fool you; it turns out to be as fickle as a weathercock. Hopefully you'll find all of your searched data afterwards – albeit with generic file names like TSxxxxxx.jpg.

Finally, we also want to mention that RecoveRx provides a formatting function for memory cards, at least on Windows computers.


RecoveRx is an easy-to-use, no-nonsense recovery tool, which mainly focuses on recovering typical user files from mainly removable media. You can start the scanning and recovery process with a few mouse clicks. Thumbs up!

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