This is how you make collages in your Instagram story

If you like to watch Insta stories on Instagram, you will undoubtedly notice that some people know how to make a real work of art. This has a nice effect, especially when several photos are displayed in one collage. We show you how to make collages for your insta story.


Of course, there are dozens of apps available that let you create collages for your Instagram story. This makes it very easy to load photos, add text and apply filters over your photos. In these apps, there is usually also an option to create covers for your highlights. Under these highlights, you can save the highlights of your stories for yourself and others. From the collage app you can easily share your creation to various social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

An app that is very useful for this is, for example, StoryArt or StoryLab. In StoryArt you are immediately overwhelmed by the wide range of templates. These are divided into various categories such as minimalist, film or paper. Please note: you can only use most of these templates after you have paid for them. For the beginner who is mainly looking for an app to practice with, StoryArt is very suitable. You don't have too many options and can therefore focus on what appeals to you aesthetically.

In StoryArt you simply choose the template you want to use and press the + icon in your template to add a photo. Then you immediately get the option to add a filter. You can also add text to your collage. To do this, simply press the A+ icon. Now you can choose your font, size and text color.

For StoryLab you also have to pay for certain templates. Nevertheless, this app is more suitable to start with. There are less paid templates here and the interface of the app is also clearer. A trick that distinguishes StoryLab from StoryArt is that they also offer templates that have the right dimensions for the Instagram feed. This way you can easily place collages on both your story and your feed.

In addition, StoryLab offers more options in terms of customization of the template than StoryArt. With this app you can personalize your collages to your heart's content. You can move photos, change backgrounds, stick stickers and even make drawings.


You can also create collages in Instagram without an additional app. Unfortunately, this only works for iPhones. To do this, open the camera of your insta story and take a photo so that you get a black or white background. For example, place your camera on a dark surface or against a sheet of paper.

Then go to your gallery and copy a photo you want in your collage. You do this by holding down the photo and swiping up. Now the copy option appears. Now go back to your Insta story. The option to make a sticker from the photo you just copied will automatically appear on your black photo. You can repeat this with as many photos as you want.

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