Here's how: sync iPad and iPhone with your PC

Synchronizing data between an iPhone and an iPad is very easy thanks to the iCloud internet service that Apple has created.

If you have a Windows PC, you can also include Outlook address book and calendar in this synchronization process. You can even sync browser favorites and photos to your PC.

Synchronize over the Internet

If you have an iPad and an iPhone, you can sync all kinds of data between these devices via iCloud. It's an easy way to keep the address book and calendar consistent, as well as sharing Safari favorites and photos taken with the mobile gadgets, for example. Synchronizing works via the Internet and can of course also be done with a Mac and even with the iPod touch. Apple has even thought of the PC user. A regular Windows PC can be connected to iCloud with a free program. This software is called iCloud Control Panel (iCloud Control Panel for Windows) and is suitable for Windows Visa SP2 and Windows 7. Go to //, click Download to download iCloudSetup.exe file get it and run it. Once you've gone through the installation steps, it's time to specify what you want to sync via iCloud. This settings screen will appear automatically as long as you leave the Open iCloud control panel checked at the bottom of the welcome screen.

Thanks to a free utility, you can connect a Windows PC to iCloud.

Sign in to iCloud

First, you will be asked for the Apple ID and password you use for iCloud. Usually this is the same account that you use to make purchases in the App Store. You can find out the correct account by going to Settings / iCloud on the iPhone or iPad. Back on the PC, enter that Apple ID and password. Then contact is made with iCloud. As soon as this is successful, a screen will appear where you indicate with check marks what should be synchronized. For example, the contact details and your calendar can be kept the same with Outlook 2007 or 2010. Synchronizing e-mail is also possible, but that is often not necessary because nowadays usually work is done via the imap protocol, whereby each device simply sends the mail to the mail servers. approaches. You can synchronize your bookmarks (favorites) if you work with Internet Explorer version 8 or higher or if Safari is installed on your PC. As soon as you check this box, a notification will appear that your local bookmarks will be sent to iCloud, to be merged there with the bookmarks of your mobile gadgets.

Here you choose the components you want to synchronize with the PC.

3 Merging data

If you check Photo Stream, the photos you take with your iPhone or iPad will automatically appear on your PC from now on. Very handy, because then you no longer have to transfer them manually. Click Options and indicate at Download folder in which folder the photo files should be saved. The cool thing is that you can transfer photos from the computer to your mobile gadgets in the same way. To do this, enter a folder name in Upload folder. Photos you drop there will appear on your iPhone and/or iPad a little later. Finally, click Apply. Before syncing starts, you must specify which contacts, appointments, and tasks can be merged with iCloud. These will then be placed in Outlook in a new calendar and contact list under the iCloud heading. The settings made can be adjusted later via the iCloud icon in the system tray, or via Start / Control Panel / Network and Internet / iCloud. It is also a good idea to back up contacts and appointments in Outlook before turning on synchronization.

You can designate a folder not only to receive photos, but also to send them.

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