All your cards on your smartphone with PassWallet

Your Etos loyalty card, your boarding pass for that flight to Ibiza and that ticket to the Slipknot concert: you can of course leave all these codes and 'evidence' in your email or download them as a file on your phone, but you can easily download them all together in one app. One such app is PassWallet.

With PassWallet you can store tickets, boarding passes and loyalty cards on an Android smartphone. For example, theater De Meervaart in Amsterdam not only sends the tickets as a PDF link after purchase, but Wallet files are also included. These are .pkpass files that you cannot open on your mobile phone by default. For this you need an app like PassWallet.

All fatteners in one app

It takes some getting used to to learn how to use the app, because it is very sparse in information and somewhat minimalist in appearance, but the technology behind it is very good. This way you can always scan the front and the back of each card, in order to convert the barcode into a QR code that can be scanned. This way you can put your Gamma pass, your Air Miles card and more of that kind of fattening your wallet all in one app. You don't always have your wallet or all your cards with you, but that is often different in the case of a telephone. You do have that with you.

The advantage of PassWallet is that it also offers support for files that are actually intended for iPhone. Apple has Passbook, but you can just open Passbook files in PassWallet. Admittedly, it doesn't look nearly as slick as in Passbook, but all the information you need is gathered in one place. All you need to do to add a card is open the app and tap the plus at the bottom.

QR codes

A code scanner can be found on the left, with which you can scan QR codes from tickets as well as barcodes from cards to save. On the right you see a small phone call with a magnifying glass, because PassWallet can also search your phone for these codes and cards. Please note, he only searches in files, so he will not distill the supermarket app containing your loyalty card.

If you want to scroll through all your passes, select at Living all fit. You can then tap the top of a particular ticket to open it, or to open other tickets. You can also choose to delete or archive old tickets. Sharing is also possible, so if you go to a concert with an acquaintance and you decide to meet inside, you can easily forward his or her ticket.

If you were to send an entire PDF, you would often have glued all the tickets together with the risk of having the same ticket scanned. In PassWallet the tickets are shown separately from each other, so you can also share them separately. Very handy.

PassWallet is really there to keep your tickets together, and does not work as a password manager. This app mainly exists as a kind of virtual wallet on your phone, so that you don't have to carry an ever-growing physical purse with you.

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