This is how you do it: Connect and set up Chromecast

With a Chromecast, you can turn any screen with an HDMI connection into a smart TV. Media (for example Netflix, Plex, photos and games) from your smartphone, tablet or PC can easily be streamed to your television. Do you also want to connect a Chromecast to your TV? We explain that to you in this manual.

Connecting a Chromecast is very simple. In principle, it also does not matter which generation of Chromecast you have. You can also connect the ChromeCast Ultra, which streams 4K images and HDR in the same way.

In the box you will find a Chromecast, a micro USB cable and an adapter. You connect the adapter to the wall socket and the Chromecast can be connected to the HDMI port of your television (or monitor). Then connect the USB plug of the cable to the adapter and the micro USB plug to the Chromecast. The Chromecast is now supplied with power and will start up automatically. Now turn on the television and switch to the HDMI display of the selected port (eg HDMI 2). On the screen of your television you now see the installation image, including a four-digit code.

If you have a Chromecast Ultra, you can also choose to connect an Ethernet cable to the Chromecast, so that you have a faster and more stable connection. This is necessary because the extra high resolution requires a higher bandwidth.

Google Home

Grab your smartphone or tablet and install the Google Home app, which is available for both Android and iOS. In fact, there is a good chance that it is already installed on your smartphone. When you start this app you get an overview of all connected equipment in the house. We want to add a new Chromecast, so press the Add ball and then Set up device, Set up new devices in the house. Then you indicate in which house you connect your Chromecast and Google demands location access - probably to determine what access rights you have for content.

The Google Home app will search for your Chromecast and it should appear in a list - including the four-digit code printed on your TV screen. Confirm this code, determine whether you want to participate in the Chromecast improvement program and indicate in which room the Chromecast is located. After this, give your Chromecast a name, be clear about this. For example, 'television living room', or 'screen study room', so that you will soon know exactly which device you are connecting to.

Your Chromecast is now set up, but it still needs to be connected to the internet, choose your Wi-Fi network and the Chromecast will receive the login data from the Google Home app. When the Chromecast is connected, you can choose to link your Google account. After this, don't forget to press No, Thanks when asked if Google can harass you with emails. You will be presented with an overview of your settings, which you must confirm. The connected Chromecast uses its fresh internet connection to check for updates and installs them (if any) automatically. Your Chromecast is now ready to use.

Test Chromecast

Want to see if your Chromecast works? Then start the YouTube app, choose a video and press the Cast button (the screen with three waves). The name of your newly configured Chromecast will appear in the list. Choose this one and you will see your video playing on your television screen.

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