Help, where is the Control Panel in Windows 10?

A lot has changed in Windows 10 compared to Windows 8.1. Like the Control Panel, that seems to have disappeared completely. Emphasis on looks.

When you press the Start button in Windows 10 (which we still applaud that it's back) you don't see the Control Panel entry anywhere, but instead you see an option Institution. When you click on this you will see a minimalistic menu, with options like System, Devices, Network & Internet, and so forth. Is this the new Control Panel now? Also read: How to customize the Windows 10 start menu.

Yes and no. Microsoft has chosen to place the most commonly used options from the Control Panel in Settings (in a way that is easier to operate for devices with touch screens). So whether you want to add a printer, change your desktop background or create a user account, you can do it all from the menu Institutions.

Control Panel?

The above is helpful, but it's good to know that the Control Panel still exists, albeit in a slightly modified form. The Settings menu can therefore best be seen as a user- and touch screen-friendly shell that is placed over the Control Panel. If you're homesick for the old menu, or simply need an option that isn't in the Settings menu, you can easily call up Control Panel.

The fastest way to do that is by clicking the Start clicking or pressing the home key on your keyboard and Control Panel to type in. You will immediately see the old familiar icon appear and when you click on it, the Control Panel opens with (almost) all the options you are used to. It's a bit cumbersome, but you can of course ignore the Settings menu completely if you want.

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