In 3 steps: Android on your PC

There are already more than 700,000 apps in the Google Play Store. Normally, these programs are only accessible through an Android device. The BlueStacks App Player program now also allows Apple and Windows users to download and use apps from Google Play.

01 Install

Although BlueStacks App Player is still in beta, it works quite well. Many apps we tried worked without any problems. We even managed to install and use WhatsApp! Convenient 'apping' from the computer!

Download BlueStacks App Player from the website: Choose the software that applies to you, there is a version for OS X and Windows. Start the installation, let App store access and App Notifications are enabled and make sure that you do not install the included adware (AVG Toolbar). Wait until the program is completely installed. After startup, some configurations will run.

During the installation, pay attention to the AVG Toolbar.

02 Configure

If the installation is abyss, go to Institutions (the gear at the bottom right). Choose the option Manage accounts and click the button Add Account. Choose google and click the button Next. If you already have an account, choose Sign in if not, create one via Create.

After creating or logging in you will receive a message that your Google account is linked to the 'phone', click on Finish. Choose now Home (the button with a green, yellow, red and blue square). We are going to link the App Player to our Android phone. Click on the right button 1-Click Sync and log in with your account. Select a device and press Done.

Create a Google account to download apps.

03 Install App

Go to Home and click My Apps / App Search. Type the app you want to install (e.g. WhatsApp) and click find. Press the button install and choose the program listed with the Play Store. Choose continue and click accept if you agree. click on to install.

Open WhatsApp and enter a phone number (for example from an old unused prepaid card). Wait for the authentication to fail and indicate to make a call. Answer the call and enter the confirmation code. You can now use WhatsApp through your PC. You can also download and install games and other apps, but the program does have trouble with heavier games.

Click App Search and search for the app you want to use.

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