Your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot

Of course we would all like to believe that we can live just fine without the internet, but the fact is that the internet has become such a big part of our lives that we need it in just about everything we do. You notice that when you have to do something on your computer, for example, and the internet has gone down. Do you have to run straight to the library? Fortunately not, because you can easily set up your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot.

When you set up your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot, other devices (with a password) can connect to your iPhone via wireless internet, and then use the mobile network of the device. Super handy and practical, but comes with a warning. After all, your mobile provider's data bundle is (probably) not infinite, and especially when you visit sites intended for desktops, you can easily run through such a bundle within half an hour. Unless you really have a huge bundle, we recommend that you only use this option when it is really necessary. If so, this way of connecting can really be a lifesaver.

Set up your iPhone as a hotspot

To set up your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot, navigate to Settings on the device. Right in the top block of options, you'll see the Personal Hotspot button. When you press this you can indicate that you want to create a personal hotspot and set a password for it. This password is necessary to prevent anyone who picks up this wireless signal from connecting to your iPhone. Now all you have to do is search for the wireless hotspot you just created on the device you want internet on and enter the password when prompted and this device will be able to use your connection right away.

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