Free Firewall for Windows 10: Evorim FreeFirewall

Microsoft has built a firewall into Windows 10 by default and there is nothing wrong with that. It is only when you install a tool like Evorim FreeFirewall that you realize that it can actually be done a lot better and clearer.

Evorim Free Firewall


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Just like you normally only have one antivirus program monitor your system, you usually install only one firewall. Evorim FreeFirewall is one of the few exceptions. It installs neatly next to, or above, if you like, the built-in Windows Firewall and, in addition to a clear interface, also adds some protections.

Pop-up window

As soon as you open FreeFirewall, you can read in the start window how many applications and services the firewall has detected on your system and which are monitored, blocked, allowed or 'controlled'.

An allowed program can connect to the Internet, but blocked applications cannot. As soon as a monitored application wants to connect to the internet, a pop-up window appears that shows which connections that application wants to set up: you are shown the program name, the external address and the port. Now you can study each connection separately, but you can also give your fiat or veto to all connections of the same program with one button at once. Depending on your response, the program will end up with the allowed or blocked applications.

Firewall Rules

It is also possible to define your own firewall rules for an application or service and to indicate with which IP addresses on which ports connections may be set up. If the same rules apply to multiple programs, it is better to place that rule set in a 'zone', after which you simply select the appropriate zone for the relevant applications. You can change the status or rules of a program or service at any time.

Extra security

FreeFirewall may also block cookie-based or other technology-based web tracking and block telemetry techniques from Windows or other applications. It is also a good idea to let FreeFirewall start automatically with Windows and if you wish, the tool will also allow internal connections, within the local network.


FreeFirewall is a useful extension to the standard built-in Windows firewall. The well-thought-out interface limits the number of interventions and allows you to easily adjust the status or rules of your applications and services, so that even beginners can quickly use them.

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