Get rid of Quick access in File Explorer

The Windows 10 Explorer has a slightly different appearance compared to previous Windows versions. And new features. One of them is Quick Access, but not everyone is ready for that. Fortunately, deactivating is an option.

The Windows 10 Explorer looks different from, for example, Windows 7. Ex-users of Windows 8 will undoubtedly see more landmarks. But that doesn't mean you find everything equally useful. Some things are easy to adjust. Take the option now Quick access. You can find rap files in certain folders like Downloads, Documents, Pictures and more, including recently opened folders. Handy, but because this block is at the very top of the left Explorer column, other important parts also slide down a bit.

If you're someone who actually never uses Quick Access and scrolls straight down to This PC, you might as well turn off the entire Quick Access. You do this by using the ribbon of the Explorer on the tab Image to click. Then click on that Options. In the window that opens, switch to the tab General below Privacy the options View recently used files in Quick access and View recently used folders in Quick access from. click on OK and Keith is done. It is not for nothing that this option is housed under the heading of privacy, because turning it off also ensures that colleagues or roommates can see which files you have recently used.

Check boxes

Because we are now busy with the options of the Explorer, just a handy option. By clicking on the View tab in the Options window - you know how to call it up by now - you will find a whole list of practical things that can be switched on and off. For example, you can set check boxes for items in the Explorer. Sometimes quite handy instead of Control-clicking! You can activate check boxes by selecting the Use check boxes to select items turn on.

For lovers of the old school libraries there is also good news here. Scroll all the way down the list and you'll find the default disabled option View Libraries. Switching on brings this old part back to its full glory. Be sure to check out the other options here, but be careful what you turn on or off.

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