These are the best Windows 10 apps

The Microsoft Store does not have the same amount of apps as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, but it does contain quite a few useful apps. We select the most useful apps, which should not be missing in your Windows 10 environment. These are the best Windows 10 apps.

Tip 01: Install apps

You open the Microsoft Store via the Start menu: click on Start, type Store and click Microsoft Store. The content of the Microsoft Store is organized into different categories, such as Productivity and games. Click on a tab to open its category. You can also search directly for a specific app. To do this, use the search box at the top right of the window. Also use this search box to find the apps we discuss in this article.

New versions of apps are automatically downloaded regularly. You can also do this manually. Press the button More information and choose Downloads and updates. Then click on Download updates. For a complete overview of installed apps, choose My library. The existing apps are shown on the right side of the window. From the menu on the left you can sort the apps by full view, which apps are now installed, which were but are now no longer, which apps are ready to be installed and which apps were recently downloaded or updated. To adjust the general settings of the Store, click More information and choose your Institutions.

Tip 02: Device Manager

You can 'link' up to ten different devices to the Microsoft Store. When the maximum is reached, you can no longer download apps and games. To fix this, disconnect another device to free up space. Request an overview of connected devices to see which devices are currently connected. In the Microsoft Store, choose More information (the button at the top right of the window, recognizable by the three dots) and click on Institutions. Bee Offline permissions click on Manage your devices. A new page with an overview of paired devices opens.

This can be computers, but also other devices such as telephones. Are there too many? Then see which devices you no longer want to link to the Microsoft Store. click on Disconnect and confirm the action. Now you can add the other device and download apps and other content again.

No password

Are you the only user of the computer? Then you can disable the Store asking for a password every time you buy an item in the Store. Choose More information and Institutions. Bee To register to buy something you put the slider on On Bee I want to buy without a password to checkout faster. Buying paid apps is now easier.

With Ziggo Go you can add videos to a watch list to stream them one after the other

Tip 03: Ziggo Go

For Ziggo subscribers, the provider's app is worth it. With the app you have access to the content within your subscription in Windows 10. Think of live television, but also any series from an additional package. The app checks which region you are in when you start. As long as this is within the European Union, you can view most of the content. In our tests, loading the streams went with varying degrees of success, but once running the app works nicely. The app keeps track of what you've watched and offers to resume the stream from that point. The option to add videos to a watch list is handy, so that you can quickly watch a series, for example. Via the settings you can create your own channel overview and include the channels that you watch regularly.

Tip 04: Netflix

Netflix has also developed an app for Windows 10. A nice thing about the app is the option to download content, so that you can watch the material at a later time (and without an internet connection), for example on the plane. Via the settings you can determine the video quality and optimize it for the connection you are using. In addition, enable the option Smart Downloads in: Automatically deletes downloaded series once you've watched them and frees up space for new downloads. In an overview you can also see how much space is taken up by the Netflix content.

Click on the trash can at Delete All Downloads to clean the disk in one go. Click on the button at the top left for an overview of all categories with content. below My Downloads you will find the offline collection and the possibility to Smart Downloads quickly on and off. The app supports multiple user accounts, which you can switch between. Via that account, Netflix remembers where you left off on another device (for example via a set-top box or a telephone), so that you can continue watching from that point.

How much space

Curious about the amount of disk space taken up per app? Open the Windows settings window and go to Apps/Apps & Features. Choose right for Sort by Size. You can now see how much space is taken up per app. Note: the list also includes 'classic' Windows programs that you did not install via the Store.

Photoshop Express is there for all (simple) edits you want to make on your photos

Tip 05: Adobe Photoshop Express

For performing simple photo edits in a user-friendly environment, you come to Photoshop Express. With the little brother of the well-known Photoshop you can make quick adjustments to photos. This is also possible by applying filters: the makers have included 45 standard effects, which you can use as a starting point and adjust yourself. The program is also suitable for other simple edits: think of adjusting the photo proportions and rotating skewed photos. The app also contains a few useful extras, such as the possibility to remove red eyes from photos and to provide existing photos with new frames.

You can also retouch spots, such as dust on scanned analog photos. The app is regularly updated. A wide range of file formats are supported, including jpg, png and raw files. Creating an Adobe ID gives you access to additional features and expansion packs. The photo material is shown on the right of the window, while you can access the settings via the menus on the left. The app also works well on a tablet in combination with touch control.

Tip 06: Microsoft To Do

If you use to-do lists, Microsoft To Do should not be missing from your app collection. If you have used Wunderlist in the past, you can import the existing tasks into To Do. The app takes the look and feel of Windows and also supports a dark theme. In addition to the lists you create yourself, To Do also supports 'smart lists'. These lists are composed dynamically and display, for example, tasks that you have marked as important or tasks that you have previously scheduled. To Do supports shared lists where you can assign tasks to others. This list is also displayed by default. If you want a clean working environment and do not use these options, you can hide the lists via the settings window.

Even more convenient is to automatically hide lists that are empty. Turn on the slider On Bee Auto-hide empty smart lists. The app offers support for multiple accounts, so you can keep track of business and personal lists, for example, and place them each under its own account. To Do synchronizes the tasks with other devices so that they are available everywhere.

WhatsApp Desktop does depend on your phone: it must be enabled

Tip 07: WhatsApp Desktop

You do not only have to use WhatsApp on your phone, you can also send and receive messages via the computer. We use WhatsApp Desktop for this. After installation, connect the app to your phone. The app shows a QR code that you scan with your phone. WhatsApp Desktop depends on your phone, which also means that the phone must be turned on while using the app. Via the desktop app you can save received media (such as photos, videos and audio) directly to your computer. The settings window gives you access to a limited set of settings that you also find over the phone, such as accessing blocked contact lists and customizing the background of the conversation window.

Tip 08: WiFi Analyzer

If you want to learn more about the health and health of your wireless network, Matt Hafner's WiFi Analyzer is a valuable addition to your app collection. The first time, the app will ask which region you are in to take into account local restrictions (such as the channels used). The app consists of tabs, of which Analysis the most useful is: here you can see the signal strength per wifi channel. Based on this, you can see which other networks may 'collide' with your own network and you can make optimizations. For example, by changing your own channel to another channel, so that you are less 'burdened' by other networks. on the tab Networking you see the other networks in your area.

Tip 09: Your phone

You don't need to install a few apps, but are already present by default in the latest versions of Windows 10. A good example of this is the Your Phone app. This app connects directly to your phone and gives you access to text messages, photos, and phone notifications from your Windows computer. If you use an Android phone, the app gives access to more resources than with the iPhone (due to Apple restrictions). You can use your photos directly on your PC from an Android phone, by dragging them to the local computer. It is a pity that the makers show a maximum of 25 photos, because in practice you soon feel the need to go back in time more. The link with the phone notifications is handy: as soon as an app generates a notification, it is also shown within Windows.

Tip 10: TuneIn Radio

The TuneIn Radio app gives you access to about 100,000 radio stations at home and abroad. Through Browse you get an overview of the different categories. There are several themed channels available, such as music, Sports and news. Besides a selection based on theme, you can also select radio stations based on your current location. Similar channels are offered by TuneIn Radio depending on your listening behaviour. The collection also includes podcasts.

Only from the Store

Apps in the Microsoft Store are continuously monitored and are not included in the store until they meet various quality requirements. This is in contrast to other software, which in practice can be downloaded from various sources. If you only work with apps from the Microsoft Store or if you want more control over which programs are installed (for example, if you set up a computer for your children), you can set Windows to only install apps from the Microsoft Store. Other apps are blocked.

Open the Windows settings window (Windows key+I) and go to Apps / Apps & Features. In the window on the right, choose the option Choose where to download apps in front of Only the Microsoft Store. You can also opt for an intermediate form, where Windows 'warns' you as soon as a Microsoft Store app is available if you are about to install a classic program. Then choose the option Anywhere, but let me know if there's a similar app in the Microsoft Store.

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