Rohos Mini Drive USB stick security

USB sticks are handy, but have one bad feature: they get lost. In this case, of course, you don't want anyone else to open your files. To prevent this, you can purchase an expensive USB stick with security (encryption). You can achieve the same with Rohos Mini Drive: but completely free of charge.

1. Installation

Rohos Mini Drive creates a secure area on your USB stick. Everything you store here is secured with encryption (encryption) and protected with a password. Insert your USB stick and open Start / Computer. Check the drive letter that the USB stick gets from Windows. In our example this is G. Optionally right click on the disk and choose Characteristics to view the free disk space. Surf to Rohos and download Rohos Mini Drive. Go through the installation and start the program. Rohos Mini Drive is partly in Dutch, some terms are in English or poorly translated. Launch Rohos Mini Drive and click Encrypt USB drive to create a secure USB stick. Rohos Mini Drive does not affect the files present on your USB stick.

Rohos Mini Drive turns any USB stick into a secure USB stick.

Rohos Mini Drive turns any USB stick into a secure USB stick.

2. Create security

Point to the drive letter of your USB stick (G) by pressing Choose to click. Bee Disc details you can adjust the properties of your vault. We opt for a size of 2048 MB (2 GB). The selected size must be available as free disk space on your USB stick. Confirm with OK and enter the same password twice. This password protects the contents of your 'secret spot'. Rohos Mini Drive creates a shortcut on your desktop to the secure environment by default. Confirm with Create disc to put Rohos Mini Drive to work. Creating the secure vault may take a few minutes. On your own computer you can start up Rohos Mini Drive to get into the secure area.

Specify the size for the protected area on your USB stick.

3. Open vault file

Click at Favorite drive is not connected on Connect disk and enter your password. The safe will open and you will be given an extra drive letter in the Windows explorer (Computer). The vault's default drive letter is R, but it can be different. The extra drive letter therefore appears next to the default drive letter of the USB stick. If you are using the secure stick on another computer where Rohos Mini Drive is not installed, you will find the file on the unsecured part of your USB stick Rohos Mini Drive (Portable).exe. Double click to launch Rohos Mini Drive.

It is important to properly close the safe after use and not to suddenly pull out your USB stick. To do this, use the button remove in the Rohos Mini Drive program window. This will unmount the protected disk.

Rohos Mini Drive creates an extra drive letter: everything you save here is automatically stored securely.

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