A world opens up for you with the Streambox

Internet is ideal for watching movies and series. With options such as Netflix and Videoland, you already have quite a bit of viewing pleasure, but the range remains somewhat limited. If you want to see everything, the Streambox from Gratisstreamen.nl offers the solution.


Downloading copyrighted material is strictly prohibited and Computertotaal.nl disapproves of streaming illegal material. The editors were not involved in the creation of this partner contribution.

What is a Stream Box?

Streaming movies and series is not new. We know it from various apps and programs, such as Netflix and Videoland, but also the infamous (and illegal) alternatives such as Popcorn Time. You can install all these programs and apps on different devices, but they always have the disadvantage that you never have everything within reach.

This is different with a Streambox. This combines various sources where films and series can be found. These all come together in one place that you can access via the Streambox. So you can easily watch series and movies.

How does the Streambox work?

To use this large movie and series database, you need a special media player. You can buy this so-called Streambox at Gratisstreamen.nl for less than 130 euros. Are you ready for the future? Then you can buy a Streambox for two bucks extra that can also stream to your TV in 4K quality.

Gratisstreamen.nl sets up a variant of the Kodi app for you here. This app gives you access to all movies and series. This software is also very simple. You can quickly search for the movie or series you want to see, save it to your favorites and stream it in high quality at lightning speed.

You would think that using the Streambox is illegal, but it isn't. Downloading and uploading copyrighted files is currently illegal in the Netherlands. Since the Streambox does not download or upload, and therefore only streams, it is still legal to stream this content to your TV.

Installing the Streambox

The Streambox is very easy to install. It is literally 'plug & play'. Connect the device to your TV with the included HDMI cable, connect it to WiFi or a wired internet connection, turn on your TV and you're ready to go!

Even more possibilities

In addition to streaming movies and series, you can also watch TV via this media player. Thanks to an IPTV connection, you no longer need cable or dish. Everything is about the internet. You also have access to hundreds of channels from all over the world. If you want to take out that with your TV provider, you will soon pay tens of euros per month. At Gratisstreamen.nl you are ready for under a tenner a month.

In addition, the media player runs on Android. That means you can install many more apps than just Kodi. For example, download Spotify to stream your favorite music and browse your Facebook timeline in the meantime. Ideal, right? To make it even easier, you can purchase a special keyboard.

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