The 5 Best Free Speed ​​Camera Apps for Android and iOS

The holidays are approaching and the police have indicated that they will be flashing a lot more often. It can save you a lot of money if you know where speed cameras are! Here you can read about the best free speed camera apps that can warn you about speed cameras on the road.

flash master

Many radio stations report speed cameras based on Flitsmeister. As an app on your smartphone, the app warns you about traffic jams, mobile speed cameras, fixed speed cameras, road works, closed lanes, accidents and even approaching ambulances. Since the arrival of Flitsmeister, the number of flash apps in digital stores has decreased significantly, coincidence? Flitsmeister is free, if you don't want to see any ads, the app will cost you 8.99 euros per year.

Download Flitsmeister for Android and iOS.

ANWB On the way

With the ANWB app you get about the same notifications as with Flitsmeister, but with slightly more details. In addition to traffic information, you also get the current fuel prices of more than 4000 gas stations, parking rates in more than 160 cities and you can save the location of your car. For this app you must first create an ANWB account to save routes. Although there is no direct route guidance, it is possible to combine several routes.

Download ANWB On the Road for Android and iOS.


The FlashNav app does not have built-in navigation. The app is intended to assist you while you use, for example, Google Maps as navigation. FlitsNav measures your speed based on your GPS signal and shows traffic information for the nearest roads. You can read both traffic jams and speed cameras from the map and you can determine yourself from which distance for the speed cameras you want to receive a notification.

Download FlashNav for Android and iOS.

Speed ​​Cameras and Traffic Netherlands by Sygic

In addition to a flash detector, the Sygic app also functions as a speed monitor and dashcam. In addition, you can save previous routes and constantly see the maximum speed. Unfortunately, you have to pay for a number of functions; a one-year subscription costs 4.99, while you can use Flitsers en Verkeer Nederland for a lifetime for 10.99.

Download Speed ​​Cameras and Traffic Netherlands for Android and iOS.


The Waze app is perhaps the most nicely designed of all. After simply setting your home and work address, you can leave immediately and you will see the speed cameras on your route. You can also plan and save routes, so you don't have to enter the address again when you leave. If you log in with your Facebook account, you can also link your Facebook events to Waze, which will automatically give you route guidance on the day of the event.

Download Waze for Android and iOS.

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