How to disable the lock screen in Windows 10

When you start Windows, you first arrive at the lock screen / login screen, after which you have to log in with your password or PIN code. Safe, but also a bit annoying if you're the only person with access to that computer. Especially when your computer switches to standby when you go to get a drink. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this screen.

Start up without login screen

We think it is sensible to log in with a password in every situation, but we can imagine that you find it annoying. If no one else has access to your PC, know that you can log in automatically. You do this by pressing Start clicking and netplwiz to type. In the window that appears, uncheck the option Users must provide a username and password to use this computer. Then click on To apply and enter the username and password of the user who should be logged in automatically. When you restart the PC, the user in question is automatically logged in.

Pay attention: this feature no longer works in the latest Windows 10 update with version number 20H2, which is the October 2020 update of the operating system. However, if you have already set up automatic login in an older version of Windows 10, this will remain active in the latest update.

Lock screen (Windows Home)

When you're the only person who has access to your PC, and you're going to do something else for a few minutes, it's pretty annoying that you have to log in again with your password because your PC has gone into standby. You can also circumvent this, only you have to change something in the Windows Registry in Windows Home. We always add a warning: if your configuration differs for some reason, for example due to software, a small change in the registry can cause problems. If you're unsure or not quite sure what to do, don't do anything, because it can really damage Windows. For your convenience, we have prepared a file for you that will make this change for you and a file to undo the change. When you run the DisableLockScreen.reg file in Windows 10 Home, the lock screen will no longer bother you. You download these files here.

Lock screen (Windows Pro)

In Windows 10 Pro, it is also possible to disable the lock screen, but this does not require any changes to the Registry. Navigate via Start to the Control Panel and search group policy. Click now Edit Group Policy. Double click on Administrative Templates and then on Control Panel. Click now Don't show lock screen and then on Switch.

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