Remove default apps in Windows 10

Until the arrival of Windows 10 1903, the default apps could not be removed. And so you were stuck with a series of apps that you never used, but for which updates appeared time and again. It just takes unnecessary time and disk space. Since 1903 you can simply delete the default apps!

It took years, but since Windows 10 1903, the default apps included with Windows can finally be removed. That was about time, because few people will ever have used an app like Maps on their regular Windows desktop computer, for example. Or what about Groove Music? And then there's that time-honored Microsoft Solitaire collection. All apps that take up unnecessary disk space. And (more annoyingly) also regularly provided with updates. This all happens immediately after logging in, which ensures that your system remains heavily loaded for an unnecessarily long time. In short: get rid of those superfluous apps. You can arrange this by going to the Start menu Institutions to click. In the window that opens, click on apps. You will now see a row of installed apps and 'regular software'. Practical in itself, because that way you will find both types of software together. To remove an app, click on an unwanted copy. For example Groove Music. click on remove and again remove. The app is now gone from your system!

Windows apps back?

If you suddenly regret deleting a default app, then restoring is no problem. All system apps are simply in the Windows Store (or actually Microsoft Store as the thing is officially called). Launch the Store and tap the name of the app you want to reinstall. For example (still) Groove Music. Click on the magnifying glass and type the name of the app. Make sure you don't make typos, because malicious app providers like to make use of those kinds of mistakes. Click on the found app. Usually you see more that are similar in name or functionality. Make sure you really only download the official Microsoft app via the button To download. And with that, the previously deleted app is back!

Reset app

Do you use a certain app regularly, but suddenly it no longer works? Then you can reset such a disruptive app. In fact, it is then removed and reinstalled, but via a 1-click option. In Settings, select via apps the broken app. Then click on the link Advanced options. Scroll down a bit in the opened panel and click on the button Reset. Wait a little while until the job is done and your app works - if all goes well - like a charm again. By the way, this trick comes in handy with the only one still not removable app: Edge. This browser sometimes dies and does not start up anymore or suddenly crashes very often. An app reset sometimes offers a solution. Occasionally it is necessary to reset an app several times before you achieve success.

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