3 solutions for a noisy laptop

If you've been using your laptop intensively for a while, it can make a lot of noise in the long run. You will then hear the cooling running at full speed. There are some things you can do to calm your noisy laptop.

1. Close running processes

If your laptop makes a lot of noise, this is usually the result of a cooling that tries to cool down the hard-working processor. To give him a hand, you can manually shut down running processes on the system, and even prevent them from running again when you start up the laptop. This way you relieve the CPU, and the cooling does not have to work as hard.

To do this we open the Microsoft System Configuration. Windows 10 users can simply select msconfig typing. Then go to the tab Startup, click on Open task manager and uncheck the programs here that you do not want to start when you turn on the laptop. Parties such as Apple and Adobe have a knack for having their software start automatically, but you can block iTunes, QuickTime and Adobe Reader just fine.

Close the window, and the next time you start up your laptop, the processor will be less busy opening (and running in the background) these programs.

2. The big cleanup

Especially if your laptop is several years old, there will be quite a bit of dust accumulated inside. With a desktop it is of course easy to open the case and blow the dust away, but with a laptop you have to work a little more carefully. Still, it pays off, because your laptop will become noticeably quieter. The fan does not have to work as hard without that fabric blanket.

Pay attention: Only open your laptop if you have experience with this and you are assured that it will not affect the warranty of the device. In addition, it is best to perform the cleaning outside, as it can become a dirty intention.

When you have made the choice to open your laptop, you must first make sure that you have a can of compressed air at home, and a soft brush. Then turn off the laptop, remove the battery and unscrew the housing.

Once open you will immediately see where the dust has accumulated. Use the aerosol to remove (with small short strokes) the dust around the fan and other components. Use the brush to remove the last bits of dust from the cupboard. Is the entire interior clean again? Screw that thing up and enjoy a significantly quieter laptop.

3. External cooler

Do the above tips hardly help? Then you can always choose to connect an external cooler. These coolers are available in many price ranges and sizes. However, the operation is usually the same. The cooler is built into a plate that you click under your laptop, which is connected to the system via a USB cable. This is especially useful when you use the laptop in one fixed place, because it will not exactly make your notebook thinner. While certainly not a charming solution, an external cooler certainly does a good job of cooling and keeping your laptop quiet.

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