The best settings for your display in Windows 10

Are you not completely satisfied with the settings of your screen? Fortunately, you can make some changes in Windows 10, so that, for example, texts or icons can be seen better. That is how it works.

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Step 1: Resolution

The basis of an optimal screen setting is choosing the right resolution. Each display has only one optimal resolution setting. If you don't set the resolution correctly, your screen may show the images blurry. Go to Start / Settings / System / Display / Advanced Display Settings. Bee Resolution you will see the current settings. The setting that suits your screen has the addition Recommended. Check this and adjust it if necessary.

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Step 2: 'DPI Scaling'

"DPI scaling" is a lesser-known setting. An incorrect setting produces strange effects. For example, your icons seem too big or are unreadable small. Go to Control Panel / Appearance and Personalization / Display and click Set custom scaling level. The best setting is 100%, but if you have poor eyesight you can scale it up to 125%, 150%, 200% or higher. Everything in Windows gets bigger with this adjustment (or smaller if you switch back to 100%).

A wrong setting in 'dpi scaling' can cause icons to be displayed much too small (or too large).

Step 3: Colors and Text

You can calibrate your display optimally with special hardware, but this will be too much of a good thing for most people. Windows also has its own calibration options. Go to Start / Settings / System / Display / Advanced Display Settings / Calibrate Display Colors. A wizard guides you step by step to the most ideal settings for your monitor. You can always run the wizard again if it later turns out that you don't like the end result. Finally, there is the optimization of the readability of text. You can adjust this at the Advanced display settings. click on ClearType Text and go through the wizard. Windows always shows a piece of text and lets you choose which one you find most readable. In this way, text becomes much more readable and you benefit from that every day while surfing the internet and e-mailing.

Go through the wizards to optimize colors and the appearance of text.

If your monitor still doesn't display the image properly, it may be that your computer screen just has problems. Think of blurry images, colors that are not clear and more of these kinds of problems. Fortunately, these can often be solved in an instant. You can read more about that in this article.

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