Get everything out of the Ziggo Mediabox XL

It was first known as the Horizonbox, but Ziggo has now renamed the TV cabinet the Mediabox XL. And although the streamlined device can be found in many living rooms, the extent of all functions is not known to everyone. Reason enough for a list with handy tips for the Mediabox XL from Ziggo.

There are a few important buttons on the remote control that comes with the Mediabox XL. The pause, stop, fast forward and rewind buttons immediately apply to one of the main functions of this box. You can pause live programs, for example if you have to go to the toilet, and then play them again. An advantage is that with many channels you can also fast forward the commercials. However, this is not the case with all channels, so sometimes you are still forced to watch the commercials. Do you want to go back to the live broadcast? Then press the small TV button with the arrow to the left.

In addition, you can watch programs for up to seven days. Look up the name of your desired program via the search function under the menu button or in the TV guide. Type in the name of your program and choose the episode you want to watch.

TV guide - an overview

When you press the menu, you end up in the menu, surprisingly. The TV guide is the first option that is offered. This goes without saying, but you will also find the option here to watch the program from a single channel. You will also find a personalized overview of TV programs under this button. Here you can see when exactly what can be seen based on your viewing behaviour. You can also select programs by genre. These programs are not always available on channels that are actually included in your package.

Order movies on demand

An option to the right in the menu and you will end up at On Demand, here you can also quickly reach the On Demandbutton on your remote. For example, if you have planned a movie night and you are one of those who does not have a Netflix account, you can rent a film or series here for a few euros. These are generally newer movies just out of the theater or new seasons of a series. The principle is therefore actually the same as visiting the video store in the past with the price of watching Netflix for one month.

Apps - Watch Netflix without a smart TV

If you have purchased Netflix anyway, you can also watch Netflix via the Mediabox XL. This is an app that you download on the device. You can easily log in with the keyboard on the back of your remote control, so you don't have to select letters awkwardly with your arrow keys. Of course, this isn't the only app available. Another example is the NOS app where you can easily watch the latest news.

Making and reviewing recordings

All apps can also be found under the heading media, which can also be found under the menu button. However, a more important part that you will find there are the recordings of TV programs that you have made. To record a programme, look it up in the TV guide if it is in the future, or press rec on the remote control if the program is already running. Your program will then end up under 'my recordings' and can be viewed there.

You can also see your planned recordings in this menu so that you can check again whether you are really going to record Temptation Island. With the Mediabox XL you have the opportunity to record four programs at the same time.

Xite - personalized music channel

MTV has long ceased to be Music Television. If you would like to watch the clips with the latest music, you can go to the channel Xite. Why is this channel specifically named? With the remote control of the Mediabox you can decide for yourself which music you listen to.

Press OK on your remote control to activate the personalization of the transmitter. Then you can skip numbers with the right arrow and discover more features with the down arrow. You can also 'like' music by pressing the up arrow. By pressing the arrow to the left you can log in so that you have insight into the music you have liked.

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